[REQ] Recipe for pure evil sloth

Does anyone know the recipe to pure evil sloth i really like the blend but its costing me to much money to keep buying it every couple of days

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Description: A slowly matured, and decadent blend of 7 berries for an all day mellow vape.
Link: Sloth (7 berries mix) E Liquid by PURE EVIL

Chances are, nobody is going to have a real recipe, but we might be able to help you come close. Cloning is difficult. There are just too many variables and it takes a lot of time and experimentation. Your best bet is going to be gathering a list of things that might be in it and trying to clone it yourself, especially since you’re already buying it and have access to sampling it side by side with what you’re mixing.

Blackberry, Blueberry, Strawberry, Raspberry, Boysenberry, Cranberry…I don’t think I can think of any other berries. Goji, cherry, grape? Are those berries?

Some suggestions for flavors:
Blackberry - Real Flavors
Blueberry - TPA, Flavorah, FW
Strawberry - Ripe by TPA, Sweet by Cap
Raspberry - no clue
Boysenberry - Flavorah
Cranberry - Flavorah
Cherry - Cherries by Inawera, Bing Cherry by Flavorah
Goji, grape - no idea. Flavorah makes a good candy grape

Other things to try:
Liquid Amber (FA), Harvest Berry (Cap), Forest Mix (Forest Fruit) (FA)


Hi Cal_vapes,

Glad you like Sloth - it’s one of our most popular flavours. It is quite a complex blend, actually more than 7 flavour components.
Why not buy the 120ml bottles - at £37.99 they are much better value than 6 x 20mls which totals £60.


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Okay thankyou ill will let you know how i do if you have any other combonations feel free to let us know

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My girlfriend loves this flavour and it smells amazing but I have a severe allergy to cranberry.
Should I avoid this flavour completely?

I’m surprised there aren’t more people trying to clone this. Cranberry, Blackberry, Blackcurrant and Blueberry are all there I think. I’ve seen it said elsewhere that FA Forest Fruit mixed with blackcurrant comes fairly close but that would be to overlook the cranberry flavouring which is quite prominent. Favorah Boysenberry comes to mind as well.