[REQ] Recipe request for SofaKing American Red flavour

I am looking for a recipe for SofaKing American Red: http://www.ecosmokeonline.com/-American-Red-Tobacco--Sofa-King_p_970.html

I live in the Netherlands and bought it last year when I was in Chicago. It doesnt seem popular because there arent many places selling it but I loved it. If anyone has any thoughs it would be awesome. I would happily have a bottle sent to the best flavour master.!

Hi there, found this on looking
sorry from another site,

American Red
A Classic American blend: a must-try for all tobacco vapers

5% Tobacco - TFA
1% Chocolate - TFA
2% French Vanilla -TFA
1% Black Licorice-FW
2% Coffee- TFA
Recommended Steeping Time
4-5 days

Failing that American Red Tobacco (TPA) flavouring, may be of some use

let me know how you get on, if its close, be good to know.

Happy vaping

tried it. Not a bad mix but not really what i was looking for. it has some hints of the sofa king. too much licorice maybe. I will keep trying. its tough as i havent had the original for a while.

and thanks

welcome, be interested if you find something