[REQ] Red Astaire Clone recipe

Has anyone cloned the Red Astaire Ejuice?
I know and understand that you can get the concentrate from T Juice but I would rather have the recipe that I could tweak to suit taste etc…
Any help in pinning this down would be greatly appreciated.

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Description (for anyone interested) says:
“The lush taste of red berries and black grape is stampeded by verbose overtones of sweet eucalyptus, aniseed and menthol in a flavour that will stay dancing on your tongue for a long time after you have exhaled.”

Lots of recipes on ELR, but I can’t personally vouch for any of them. :wink:

Red Astaire tastes like Ribena to me - So black currant, a tiny bit of blackberry, some menthol or koolada :slightly_smiling:

Thanks Jo!
My bad!
Should have included a description!
It is a great vape and the recipes I have found here and elsewhere, all involve the concentrate, which I am trying to stear clear from ( feels like cheating! Lol)

Thanks !
Yes it has that Ribena vibe going on but I am struggling a bit trying to get the aniseed/ eucalyptus note that is there?

I had a gander at your flavor stash. It looks like you’ve got everything I would have suggested (Anise FA, Eucalyptus Mint Inawera), so I’m gonna be no help at all. LoL. Only other thing I can think is TPA’s absinthe is pretty good. Not sure how well that’d do. Looks like you’re going down the cloning rabbit-hole. :wink:

EUCALYPTUS WITH MINT by inawera may be your answer , i noticed in red astaire a little bit of licorice with some other berryes maybe TPA Red Licorice and some FA Fruit Mix with the INW Eucalyptus with Mint

Sorry for the delay in answering but I have been busy playing around with the flavours!
Boy! Does this mixing get addictive! Lol
Yes I agree that the inawera eucalyptus will play a part
But I am going easy on it as I don’t want it to overpower everything!
I noticed a slight lime flavour in there as well?
Unsure but there is something citrusy in the background?
Hopefully I will get a recipe of sorts posted this evening and folks could join in the fun of piecing it together?
What I will say in trying to clone a recipe is that it certainly helps in determine and recognising flavour profiles which can’t be a bad thing in the long run I hope?lol

Ok folks, I have posted my attempt at cloning the Red Astaire.
Obviously this is a work in progress but I think I am almost there? But obviously some more experienced and talented mixers can get us over the finish line?
Have a look and I would love for all of you to get involved as this is a great learning experience for myself, and other newbies, to figuring out flavour profiles, and hopefully a great vape at the end of it all?