[REQ] Red Drop and Blue Drop Clone

I bought a bottle of Red Drop from Mountain Oak vapors. loved it vaped it all in 3 days. So I bought some flavors from FA and FW. Raspberry FA, Key Lime FW, Lemon Sicily FA and Blueberry FW. I have Diy my own simple one flavor juices for a while. So I was hoping someone could help me out with this. I can’t seem to find a clone for it anywhere. Thanks

I don’t want to clone the Red Drop, but I am looking for what they use to cause the sour note in this flavor, it’s described as a raspberry limeade - I’ve tried sour, an citric acid, I can get neither to produce this same sour note which seems to be their own blend:
Red Drop™ is a Mountain Oak Vapors™ take on a Raspberry Limeade type flavor. This is a tart & sour limeade with a healthy splash of raspberry, the combination makes for a refreshingly flavorful vape! If you love drinking limeades, don’t miss out on this! It is sure tickle your taste buds and satisfy your cravings. Red Drop has been our best seller since the day it was released, find out why today.

try fresh lime juice.