[REQ] Red Label by Spectrum E-Liquids

So I been vaping this juice for almost 1.5 years now, this is hands down the best tobacco vape I have ever had. I always vape it for about an hour after I eat, I only vape it after I eat. This gives that after meal cig satisfaction, it even leaves a lingering tobacco flavour in your mouth after you stop vaping just like a cig. The Juice is made by a Canadian Company

The description on their website is “Oak aged french brandy rounds out this tobaccos woody and smoky flavour delivering an enjoyable smooth and mild vape.” I have lots of different kinds of tobacco flavourings none of them taste remotely close to this juice. I agree on the oak and woody taste, a slight smoky for sure aftertaste but I don’t get the brandy.

If anyone has any idea how to make this or even tried this please let me know. This is crack to me.

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Good luck with your search, hope you discover a clone and welcome to the frustrating game of “Find That Tobacco Base”. :imp:

There are two ways to discover the tobacco base:

  1. Buy a metric ass load tobacco concentrates and test them.

  2. Luck up, through research, and read in a forum or review where someone has identified the tobacco base.

Actually, there is a third way…get a job with Spectum in their mix lab.

If you go with #1, you’ll discover there are many tasty vapable tobaccos out there and you just might create something better than Red Label.

I chose #1 a long time ago, didn’t look back and have enjoyed my journey of creating my own tobacco ADV’s.

I’m not being flip…I know the frustration of trying to discover/duplicate a tobacco base for a cloned juice. It sucks. It only took me about 50 tries to realize it was time to stop and move on. :pensive:

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Hey Kinnikinnick thanks for the reply. I apologized if I’m mistaken but your username used to be JimK right? I made a lot of your recipes however none of the tobacco flavourings in your recipe taste anything remotely to Red Label. I’m starting to think it’s naturally extracted tobacco they use.

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Yup…Jimk it was.

They could very well be using a NET or just a tobacco absolute of some type. My guess it’s a tobacco absolute; at $16 per bottle, that would be realistic. Most NET related juices are upwards to $30 for 30ml.

Are you located in the US?

no I’m in Canada, I always wanted to try holy vanilla and American red but no one here sells it.

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