[REQ] Redstar zombified

Howdy everyone,
I’m new to the diy scene but I’m jumping in with both feet and having a blast so far. You guys are a wealth of knowledge but I’m having a tough time tracking down a recipe for my favorite juice. Does anyone know about redstars zombified? I’ve looked quite a bit and just can’t seem to find any info, thanks in advance!

Look like very few people knows it. Why don’t you start cloning it, you have the original and most of the ingredients in front of you. start with those.
I guess the intent, by the look of it, was strawberry mango head note, with the other fruits as accents.

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Thanks @Iv3shf I guess I’ll have to give it a shot and see what happens!

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Zombified is the only juice I like. Stuck with it when red star bought out AV. Now suddenly I can’t get it anywhere locally. Ordered a gallon of plain juice and TFA jackfruit, dragon fruit, peach, pineapple, strawberry and mango. All ripe or juicy where applicable. Used more jackfruit and peach, slightly less dragon fruit and small, equal amounts of pineapple, strawberry and mango. Need to use even less pineapple. I have exact amounts saved. Did you ever clone it? I’m very happy with my first go at it if you want my recipe.