[REQ] Riot Squad - Pink grenade?

New to forum and mixing.

Have a few decent flavours now thanks to recipes on this forum. One in particular i would like to have a clone of or very similar to is Riot Squads pink grenade.

I know it’s a strawberry and lemon mix but I can’t come close to it’s addictive flavour.

Not sure if many people will have attempted it as I’m sure it’s relatively new to the market.

But if anyone has a clone or something close, the recipe would be appreciated :open_mouth::cloud:


Hi and welcome to the forum

Please had a read through this helpful guideline which will help you with your clone requests

I don’t see any existing clones, but with detailed description (of what the liquid is like, what you’ve tried, what differences, etc) you may perhaps get a little further in your quest.

If you’re new, it’s always appreciated if you can introduce yourself in our dedicated thread so we can all get to know each other :slight_smile:

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