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hello people! :slightly_smiling:

tried to clone this one many times and failed … in the decription its simple Vanilla Custard tobacco .
according to the taste it’s probably french vanilla there and turkish tobacco . don’t know which custard and don’t know in which ratio…

HEEELLLPPPP!!! :slight_smile:

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Good morning. Im not familiar with this one. But my experience with all tobacco flavors. I keep my persentage way low. I would try like 0.5% of tobacco to 6% french vanilla.

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Your best bet for custard is going to be either Cap Vanilla custard V1 or Flavorah Custard. @Kinnikinnick used black n mild by Super Concentrates (can be found at BCV, ECX, and Vapor Shots I think) in his Black Irish Cream recipe and it was super delicious. Black Mile (ECX Flavor Express I believe) also sounds like it might be good.

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Thanks !!!

The problem is in ratio of the flavors…

Tried it in different ways but still can’t catch the point :)))

Those 3 components together are very good almost in any ratio but Ripe Vapes made something very unique and of course the answer is in %

Anyone seen @sillyrabbit?

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I’m alive lol.

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yes , I’ve got the same problem so if someone solved this mysterious recipe help us