[REQ] Ritual Craft Vivo help please

I was at a vape shop and tried ritual craft vivo and LOVED it. I’m new to Diy and will be the first to admit that I DO NOT have the skills to make this clone. Does anyone already have a recipe or up to the challenge to help?

The website describes it as a strawberry lemon lime mixed fruit…not extremely helpful.

  • For the strawberry, I’d probably go with strawberry ripe (TPA) and sweet strawberry (Cap). That’s kind of the default mix. I’ve recently started using Strawberry Shisha by Inawera and I really like it.
  • For lemon, TPA Lemon is a pretty good candy lemon while Lemon Sicily by either FA or Cap both get good reviews.
  • Lime by Flavorah or Inawera. I have a little experience with the former and it’s pretty good. The latter gets good reviews, as do the FA Limes (Distilled and Cold Pressed) although I couldn’t tell you the difference between them.
  • For the ‘mixed fruit’ you could try some sort of punch flavor, Flavorah has a few as does TPA and I’m sure others, but I can’t help you much there. You could try throwing a bunch of fruits together and see what happens. LoL

I helped a couple of the guys around here put together this list of flavors that we all really like and use on a regular basis. It might help get you started in figuring out which flavors to buy:

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Check this page out i found… http://darkfiresdesires.com/vapinglounge/?p=298

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Ritual’s Vivo Dupe Recipe

10% Capella Lemon Lime Flavoring
3% Signature Ripe Strawberry Flavoring (aka TPA)
.5% Ethyl Maltol (EM)*
Nicotine or 0Nic base of your choice

*The EM is optional and only if using high PG. Now if you like higher VG mixes there isn’t a need for any EM as it will be rather sweet. If you use high PG mixes like I do and you want it to taste exactly like the branded recipe then you might want to add the EM to give you a little more sweetness. I mix my own EM from powder as it is cheaper but you can buy it already mixed.

The author says that it MUST be Cap’s Lemon Lime, but that the strawberry can be subbed. And I’d use marshmallow instead of EM.