[REQ] River Raisen by Detroit Underground

I’m trying to copy this juice which is a blue rasberry cotton candy. I bought Capella’s blue rasberry cotton candy flavor and it smells exactly like it however when I mix it the flavor never seems strong enough. I’ve even went to extremes and added as much as 30% flavor. I have also used much lower strengths. Can any one give me some input here?

Don’t use cotton candy. LoL. I don’t really have much…I tried that as well and it didn’t work out for me much either. If I were you, I’d work on the blue raspberry side of things and then add something like marshmallow to give it a sweeter, candy kind of flavor. You might try Lorann’s since cotton candy is candy and Lorann does ‘candy’ flavoring. The only problem is the food coloring they use. They have a colorless raspberry that you can get from OSDIY. I have it but haven’t really used it much. :confused: Or you could try adding extra stuff TO the Cap BRCC so you get more flavor to go with the smell. Good luck. :smile:

According to the fine folks who contribute to this site, 5-15% should be all you need, I’d probably try 12% if I were testing it out. What’s the lowest % you’ve tried?

I originally started out at 10%.