[REQ] Rodelu Mentolio

Damn… Been cooking flavours for a few weeks now. trying to get to a certain Mentolio thats on the market but don’t seem to get close… Whoever knows it, any ideas as to whats in there??

What is mentolio? Sound like a men’s cologne


HAHA… Thats actually true… I THINK… (Therefore the question) its got some Pineapple, Koolada, Lychee, and then… I don’t know what else… BUT, Its a nice flavour. Thought someone might know…

Is that a commercial juice you are looking to clone?

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Yes. But its an SA’fican one. If you haven’t had it…

Is this it https://cloudvape.co.za/shop/e-liquid/mentolio-e-liquid-premium-e-liquid/

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Jip thats the one. I would like to try and make my own. Just not sure what is ine there!

Not much of a description to go by. Maybe you could have a read through the guidelines to request a clone. You may have more luck to find what you’re after.

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Indeed! I’ll give it a bash!!

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