[REQ] Romme Framboise - Liquid Arom

hello everyone
few days ago i tried E-Liquid call Romme Framboise in France and i want to know if someone heard about this E-Liquid?
Apple Raspberry with touch of cool the taste is awesome and i tried to make a clone for it but not even close its need to be Fruits and very sweet maybe a little bit of gum

if anyone know how to do it or even close to it please share with me

thanks for halpers


That could well be a Solubarome job, with green apple and raspberry, or it could be something else altogether. If it is 5% each of pomme verte and framboise from SA will probably be a good start. They tend not to be very concentrated, except for the ones which are. Plus side, you can buy huge bottles for little money. SA will ship abroad, and is a good excuse to pack on herbals if you make an order direct from them, thyme and lime is nice, rosemary not bad, and tarragon( estragon) a very special flavour for me. Join the club :slight_smile: herbe des druides is worth a shot as well,

You probably can’t go too wrong with Fuji FA and raspberry FA, maybe a touch of sweetness flv if you want it sweeter. Won’t be the same but probably would be good.
My take on that would probably be stark fa at 1.6,
Fuji FA at .8, raspberry FA at .8. steeped a couple days.


Yeah but they put there more then apple and Raspberry it have an other flavors to make it too good i can’t tell what more flavor they put on this e-liquid
You need to taste it to understand what good it is if you like fruity flavors

What I suggested with a touch of citric acid and sweetness flv can’t go too wrong, I you ask me.