[REQ] Ronin Banzai

I’ve been searching for a clone recipe of the “Ronin Banzai”. I cannot find it anywhere. Anyone on here have any ideas?! Your recipes are greatly appreciated!c

I have searched forever for Banzai. I used my Google Fu and still no luck. Please, anybody with the ability to flavor match us some RONIN BANZAI I would be forever grateful.

Description from the website in case anyone wants to give this a shot:
The war cry of all fruit menthol enthusiasts. On initial inhale, a mouthwatering array of fresh strawberries, peacherine and tropical undertones will conquer your taste buds, preparing them for the cool, soothing climax of menthol and mountain mint.

Sorry but I only have the Dojo Clone by Ronin at the moment. Maybe sometime soon.

Ahhhhhh this is killing me now I need this clone!!!

Bump, because man I have been searching all over as well and trying to re-create with no luck at all.

What’s the Dojo recipe? Been looking for that one for a long time!

Base VG/PG 70/30

a mouthwatering array of fresh strawberries…
3% Sweet Strawberry (CAP)
1% Ripe Strawberry (TFA)

2.5% Juicy Peach (TFA)
1.5% Sweet Tangerine (CAP)

…and tropical undertones…
2% Passion (Passionfruit) - Flavour Art

…cool, soothing climax of menthol and mountain mint…
2% Extreme Ice (FW) (Or preferred cooling agent)
1% Spearmint (FA) or 1% Peppermint

Passionfruit was described on juicedby a user

Following up, some folks said they taste papaya, which is in the same classification of taste as the passionfruit, so I guess you could sub in for papaya too, at like 1.5%

and research shows that you can substitute passionfruit for pineapple. (Golden Pineapple (CAP))?


(never heard passionfruit, about to go get some Welch’s juice to try it out