[REQ] Rose Candy help

Hey everyone. New to the forums, so if I am posting this in the wrong place, please let me know.
About two years ago my wife tried a rose candy juice by DFW Vapor. I never cared for any of their juices so we quit using them. I ordered some TFA rose candy and attempted a 10% juice. It was horrible!! Was wondering if anyone has had any luck or suggestions for a good rose candy juice.
Thanks in advance.

Welp. I havnt tried rose candy. But based on the info posted here on ELR…located within the resources tab…10% would probably be yucky.

For giggles. Try mixing as a stand alone at 4% and work your way up.
From there you may need to add some other flavor notes. What they would be I’m not sure since I’ve never mixed with that.

Here is the info I am referring to.

Percentages in recipes
Average mixing quantity: 2.8% (Median: 1.8%)
Minimum used quantity: 0.1%
Maximum used quantity: 20%

Single flavor recommendations: 2
Average quantity: 7% (Median: 8.0%)
Minimum used quantity: 6.0%
Maximum used quantity: 8.0%

Yeah, yucky is an understatement. Thanks for the info, I will try mixing at a lower percentage and work from there.

hi there, your best bet would be to throw it in the rubbish bin i did this and i’m so happy its out of my life