[REQ] Rounds Eliquid Apple Kiwi recipes! Help!

Hi guys, i am stucked with the Apple Kiwi from Rounds Eliquid for quite some time. I plan to clone it for myself vaping. Do any of you have ideas on what kind of flavouring they are using?

Vendor description -

“Crisp apple tropical kiwi mixed together for a mouth watering experience. A strong performance from the mixologists over at Rounds E Liquid. Let the sumptuous fruit flavors take over all of your senses and give you a feeling like no other. Apple Kiwi is such a complimentary combination of tastes, light but still vibrant and fun. A daily vape for someone looking to add a clean vape juice to their routine.”

Apple and kiwi maybe? :laughing:

Maybe somebody who has tried it will be able to assist.

Also, there’s some cool guidelines here for requesting clones - helps others to know how to help you:

Good luck in your quest :+1:

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