[REQ] Ruthless EZ Duz It On Ice

Hey, Ruthless EZ Duz It On Ice has been my ADV for ages and I have been trying to clone it since I started mixing a few months a go. I’ve tried all of the recipes on ELR, lediypourlesnuls and various forums, made about 10 mixes, some of them are pretty nice but not that close enough that I can stop buying it! I’ve made some Jungle Fever and Rise recipes which are pretty close, but having a lot of trouble getting this one right.

The Ruthless one is 85% VG, and I’ve read in a few places that they use Capella sweet flavourings so this is where I’m at currently:

Sweet Strawberry (CAP) 4%
Sweet Watermelon (CAP) 4%
Koolada 10% (TPA) 2%
Menthol Blast (KH) 2%
Creme de Menthe (TPA) 1%
Dragonfruit (TPA) 1%
Coconut Extra (TPA) 0.5%
Super Sweet (CAP) 0.5%
This is quite nice but not close enough, I’m sure that I’m either overcomplicating it or missing a crucial ingredient.

Any advice would be much appreciated! Cheers

This was one that I started working on for someone else. There is another thread on this topic.

My own version is call “not” ezduzit. Mainly because I didn’t want to use sweet watermellon cap. Which is the primary element from ruthless.

I also suspect may an LA watermelon being used as well.

That being said if you think your version is getting close to the oringials try bumping up your sweet watermelon by 1-2%. And adding 1% of watermelon FA or INW.

Personally I mixed three bottles yesturday. My personal Version in 30ml and two 15ml versions having 4 watermelons, 2 strawberrys, and other touches. But I won’t touch them for 2 month…gotta let everything develop and find its place. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Here’s the other thred

Hey, thanks for the reply! Yeah I’ve read that thread, I’m looking for the On Ice version which I assumed was just the original plus menthol, but now I think they might have changed the recipe more than just adding 5% menthol/koolada.

I’m waiting for some flavours to arrive and I’m going to try the last recipe posted in that thread, as the original smells like it might have cantaloupe or something like that in there. I think the CAP sweet watermelon is right but can’t figure the rest out!

Would love to try your recipe too if you don’t mind sharing it!

My recpie is not ready and will take you far from the direction needed. The guy I was making for left the company so I twisted it.

My version ended up being more of a version of dragons blood posted here but with more watermellon.

I’ll do my best to post the results used with cap sweet watermelon


I can taste cantaloup papaya or pear in ez dubs, i cant taste koolada and i hate the stuff grrrr

Oh this one is the on ice version, ive not had this one, just the ez dubs that first came out.

Cheers, look forward to trying your dragons blood!

I can def taste something like that too, will let you know how I get on with the cantaloupe!

Sorry if I’m Necroing an old thread here but rather start a new thread I’m just going to ask if anyone had success? I’ve been trying for a long time and tried every recipe Google has come up with but can’t get it right.

If anyone even wants to swap recipes and tag team figuring it out, that would be great.


I have between 1-3 more weeks of steeping and I can let you know my results. Just waiting for my sweet watermelon cap to steep and one other change.

If it ends up not being sweet watermelon from cap then it is mostly like a watermelon from LA.

Superb, looking forward to your results - I’ve been trying for so long and just can’t nail it, and it’s my fallback vape.

Trouble is the rate i can get through it and the cost really don’t match up. So if you’ve had it even pretty close I’d jump all over it.


Hi did you get any positive resuilt from your last batch?
Also would you bne prepared to divulge your recipe? I find myself still hankering after this and still can’t get the recipe right.


I don’t have the recpie on me. But yes I do believe sweet watermelon cap is required for the recpie. I tried it with watermelon mf and it destroyed the mix.

Sadly my watermelon tests have slowed down due to my pursuit of ORANGE and more orange.

Ok thanks - how close do you think you got? I am desperado to get this nailed down but man, I have tried so many times I can only get somewhat close. I’m beginning to think there is a special ‘secret’ ingredient lol. Certainly the closest I’ve got (to my own tastebuds) is when I have mixed TPA candy watermelon, FA cantaloupe and cap sweet strawb, but it’s by no means near it. Argh.:slight_smile:

You’ve got a lot of fruits in there. Maybe an acid might make it pop. Maybe that’s whats missing. Sour & tart perhaps at 0.5% Just a thought. I could be way off. But if you think you’ve got the main ingredients right then it could be just an accent.

good idea - it’s a very sweet juice which is unusual for me… it’s a super smooth taste but you’re right that might be what it needs.

I am nearly calling it quits, but i’ve spent so much time at it i’m loathe to close the door. The trouble I think is that it’s just not popular enough to have any amount of people working on it at one time to bounce ideas around. I’m pretty sure someone would have it nailed by now if it were just a bit more mainstream. thanks for your input though, every bit helps.


What’s your current version of the clone?

FA Cantaloupe 0.75%
TPA Candy watermelon 3.5%
TPA watermelon 4.5%
TPA Strawb ripe 3%
CAP sweet strawb 3%
Natural Menthol 0.15% or 1 drop per 10ml
TPA Koolada 0.70%

I have slight problems balancing the strawberry and watermelon, to my taste there is definitely a candied water melon, a cantaloupe and sweet strawberry and this is the best i’ve managed to get - it’s good,but it’s not right (to quote Roy Walker). Note: i don’t think there’s any coconut in the mix, and if there’s dragon fruit it’s almost negligible. Taste is subjective :slight_smile: Creme de menthe is a possibility but again i taste a hint of menthol not mint.

LA watermelon might be a good call, that would be my next attempt is to swap TPA for LA

Could drop cantaloupe to 0.25. It may be taking away from the watermellon. And add another watermelon like FA or tpa.