[REQ] Ruthless Recipes

Hi Everyone, I am looking to recreate several of my favorite juices. Can anyone help?

I am looking to create Mandingo, Jungle fever and swamp thang.

Any help or other ruthless recipes would be appreciated.


Dude! The second you find out swamp thang hit me up! Haha swamp thang and grape drink are by far my favorite vapes out there!

I recently tried the samba sun artists collection by njoy wasn’t overly impressed but it’s got that fruity beauty ness like the ruthless range haha

Also if you like swamp thing check out Athena by cyclops it’s pretty good too

This is Jungle Fever


Nevermind, yall probably have them all now since this thread is so old…:slight_smile:

Dammit I was also looking for a recipe for Ruthless Mandingo clone for a friend of mine. He requested that I try to recreate it and it tastes like banana nut bread, light on the nuts. I guess since this thread is so old, I’ll have to look elsewhere for an answer to my quest for a clone of the elusive Ruthless Mandingo.