[REQ] Saffire Vapors Big Top

I am starting diy and I’m so addicted to saffire vapors “Big Top” (cotton candy) it is by far the best cotton candy I have tried. I have bought tfa circus cotton candy, LA’s county Fair cc and ethyl Maltol. I have mixed them any way you can imagine and also just tried the single flavors alone and I can’t get anything close. To me they all have more of a bubble gum taste compared to saffires. Any help or ideas to try would be greatly appreciated!

I have Capella’s blue raspberry cotton candy. I made some single flavor for my sister and she really liked it. I didn’t try it cause I do 6mg and she does 18. It smelled just like the real thing, though. Might be worth adding to your collection?

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Thank you, I will try that!

My pleasure. :slight_smile: Let us know if you come up with something good. Cotton candy flavored everything (bubble gum, candy, ice cream) was my favorite as a kid. It’d be awesome to have a good, ‘real’ cotton candy flavored juice!

Saffires is like real cotton candy! You can almost fell the texture in your mouth if that makes any sence. I just really want to make my own!