[REQ] Savage Bond

When I first started vaping the juice that got me was Savage Bond. I would love to clone it, but I’m not good with the percentages yet. On the bottle it says strawberry, kiwi, Dragon fruit, and menthol.

I tried this and all I’m getting is strawberry, and it’s not that good.

Dragon fruit (TPA) 3%
Kiwi Strawberry (stevia) (CAP) 5%
Koolada 10% (TPA) 1%
Strawberry Shisha (INAWERA) 2%

30/70 pg vg and 3nic

Please help a girl out!!

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Cloning is a very hard and tedious process.
It hard too get the concentrates right and when u have those figured out the % are even harder to het spot on.
Also keep in mind that most comerciall companys use concenrates from 1 wholesaler.
I would suggest u mix something with the flavours they used and figure out in what % u like it.

Now if i would mix this up i would go about it like this.

FA kiwi 3%
JF sweet strawbery 2%
TFA strawberry ripe 1%
TFA dragonfruit 2%
Koolada .5%

Hope i helped or at least gave a idea GL


Thank you. I don’t have some of those flavors, but I’ll try again with some of the ones I have.


If you vape enough u will get there :blush:


I would recommend paying first with kiwi fa and kiwi double tpa together. If you want more authentic kiwi try inw.

As for strawberry I would also try out fa and ripe tpa with kiwi.

And once you have a base then start to add in menthol and sweetener if needed.

If you have the flavors above I’ll try and post a couple recpies but the above flavors are what I am using.


There’s a saying in England: Where there is a fruity menthol mix, there is fire!

75% VG

Its weird though, because its marketing has a picture of a star fruit, savage%20liquid


Never tasted the juice, but could you describe the main notes you get when vaping it?

Whats fruit is dominating? does the menthol come off strong, light? what lingers in the background?

Inhale vs exhale and all that mambojambo?

Just curious as I would like to have a go at it :smiley:

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