[REQ] Savage E-Liquid "C. Underwood" Pink Candy Razzmatazz

I’ve tried everything and cannot get this juice down…there are strong tones of watermelon and the raspberry razzmatazz…im new to mixing but this one I just can’t get down. It’s alao an extremely popular flavor. Also expensive at the local vape shops! It can be found online for around $15.https://vape-ejuice.com/products/savageeliquid-c-underwood-60ml-savage-eliquid

Here’s the profile for anyone interested

It is profiled to taste like watermelon hard candy with a hint of sour Razzmatazz. On the inhale you will taste the watermelon candy. It is on the exhale where the sour Razzmatazz notes come into play. This e juice has a strong aftertaste that is absolutely delicious. … fruity properties give a sharp throat hit. Keep in mind even though it is sharp and gives you a little bit of a throat tickle, it Is not harsh, nor overbearing and is enjoyable throughout the hit. It comes in 75%/25% VG/PG blend

So I would start with this thread

And this one.

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Is this a local thing (as in America) because i have no clue what a Razzmatazz note is - is Razzmatazz some sort of candy or something?

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I’m fairly confident that they are playing on blue razz with a different name. At least that’s what comes to my mind.


It’s a Raspberry Candy type flavoring…razzmatazz as I can find it defined is a “mixed-berry blend” such as raspberry and strawberry

I just did some researching and found that
Flavor West offers a flavor called “Razzleberry” (WizardLabs)
Inawera offers a flavor called “Rasperry Concentrate” (BullCityFlavors)
Flavour Art offers a flavor called “Berryl (Raspberry) Flavor Concentrate” (WizardLabs)

Then I’m lost as to where the “Sweet Pink Watermelon Candy” comes in with ‘notes’ of ‘razzmatazz’" as it says on the box the bottle comes in.

As Lexie3 posted she is dead on with the flavor profile. I’d really like to get this nailed down. I’m willing to buy a bottle for a veteran mixer to try to see if they can nail it down.

They also have a blue rasperry one called just “Underwood” which Cutlass92 mentioned. I’ve never tried it but am going to have to pick up a bottle. The “Underwood” description on the box says “A sweet blue candy with enough tart razzmatazz to make you want to push someone in front of a train” It would be cool if we could nail a clone of that one down too.

vapor4life.com/underwood/ describes the profile as “Underwood E-Juice is not for the faint of heart. This vape liquid is the brainchild of the vaping masterminds at Savage E-Liquid and it draws inspiration from the most sinister corners of Frank Underwood’s soul. Like the House of Cards character, Underwood E-Liquid ensnares its victims with a sweet smile and then flips the script with a quick snap of raspberry and sour razzmatazz candy. The sweet raspberry flavor comes on strong on the inhale, followed by a mildly sour bite that shows a little bit of mercy. Underwood E-Juice is a delicious scheme of flavors with a 75/25 VG/PG blend that wraps you in a fog that slowly dissolves like a veil of deception cooked up by the evil mind of Frank Underwood.”

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This maybe a silly Aussie statement…i thought Blue Raspberry was a mix of Blueberry and Raspberry to get sweet and sour notes. Sorry in advance @woftam understands the lack of sugar selection we have down here in OZ.

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