[REQ] SB's Bound by the Crown

Anyone tried Suicide bunny’s Bound by the Crown ?
Flavours consist of Sweet custard, spice and stoned fruits

Any ideas how to clone this ?

Vanilla Custard v1 (Cap), Cinnamon Ceylon (FA) or Rich Cinnamon (Flavorah), Peach, possibly some other stoned fruits like plum or nectarine, and some marshmallow. That’s how I’d start, anyway. :smile:

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Cheers moi dear :smile:

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The cinnamon spice is likely from Capella Graham Cracker.

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True. Chances are it is mostly (or solely) TPA, FW, and Cap flavors as they are the cheapest in bulk.

Well i made it and it and it was successful
Several Blokes (guys) in work want to buy it from me :smiley:

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Is the recipe public? :smile:

yes mate. But i think i need to tweak the fruits up a bit.
I knew it couldnt be a clone as I dont know the true recipe and Im guessing(with help) with flavours and ratios so I named it

Bound by a Frown. Its on the recipe list :smile: