[REQ] Shellback Slush by Charlie Noble

Dear fellow mixer friends !

This juice is the best juice i ever tasted. It’s not just me but pretty much all of my analog smoking friends are switching to vaping because of this juice. I will try to explain in detail how it tastes, but it is certainly unique in it’s kind.

Here’s the product link :

And this is Charlie Noble’s description :

This classic treat turned e-liquid from the island of Hawaii will be sure to help with that heat. A light and fluffy shave ice topped off with mango, orange, pineapple, and papaya syrups creates this sweet, multi-layered dessert that will keep you cool!

Profile: Fruit, Menthol/Mint, Citrus
Primary Flavors: Pineapple, Orange, Mango
VG/PG Ratio: 73/27

Here’s how i experience this phenomenal juice, i try to break down the flavors that Charlie Noble mentions on their profile.

I’m not a menthol/mint smoker, in fact i hate it. But on the inhale there’s a very VERY slight hint of something sparkling in my throat. If it’s not Koolada it is 0.2% of menthol or even less. I only started to notice it when i read their description a while back. The first couple of weeks i didn’t even notice it. It could be a ‘hint’ of citrus but that doesn’t explain the minty feeling in my throat.

The leading flavor is something like Papaya, but it isn’t really strong as TPA Papaya is in solo. TPA Papaya is also a little bitter and Shellback Slush is not even close to bitter. It has been paired with something else like Pineapple, Orange or maybe it is the Mango i am not really sure. If i smell my TPA Pineapple in solo, it’s also way too strong, but there’s certainly Pineapple in it. The inhale doesn’t reveal much of the flavor but on the exhale it’s like every flavor explodes in perfect harmony. They mention Citrus but i can’t taste any, so it must be paired with something. God i love this juice.

Sugar / Sucralose
This stuff is sweet. It definitely has some added sucralose or a substitute. After a hit it leaves this very sugary taste on the lips. Not so much as Kanzi for example but it’s definitely there.

My attempts
I tried several passes on the juice but pretty much gave up. I’m too inexperienced to go at this alone (DIY since 2 months) Here’s my last batch. It was (again) way too much of the Papaya taste.


And here’s my flavor stash


I really hope someone can help me out with some suggestions. If you never tried Shellback Slush : Buy a 10ml sample and you won’t be disappointed. Hell i buy it for you if you really want to help me figuring this recipe out.

Thanks !


Don’t know the juice itself, but knowing Charlie Noble, and looking at your recipe, you’ve got at least two to three flavors missing, here you go with my guesses, mainly because of the manufacturer profile, pairings and standard layers…

  1. Canteloupe FA, a classic to pair with Mango
  2. Ask yourself: Could they have used Tangerine (FLV) instead of Orange?
  3. Sweet Guava CAP to make it juicer?
  4. Pineapple might have used FA rather then TPA, but you can see to that afterwards… when you’re close to the profile.
  5. Coconut @.5% not to give the coconut taste but to make it “creamier” at .5 you won’t even notice it…

8% with TFA’s Papaya, from my point of view and tastes is way too high, I’d say around 4 to 5% more likely and they could have used somebody elses Papaya to make it strong like FA’s that would also make it sweeter.

Sparkling in your throat… Champagne?
Most likely Koolada or artic winter (WS03) @ 0.5% depends how strong it is…
Do you get the cold feeling? WS23! or is it just minty? in that case a straight forward Spearmint, but I doubt it… not CN’s, could also be Menthol crystals at .75, I’d say a good guess, but CN don’t usually use it.

Hope this rantling helps! :+1:


And saline - very common for CN


This definitely helps a lot, i’ll try lowering the Papaya and start with adding some Koolada. I’ll make a separate batch of Cantaloupe and Mango to see if i can recognize the profile.
I just ordered a bunch of new flavors including Guava so i’ll give that a go as well.

Thank you very much, i’ll report back with the results.


Correct! I forgot that one, the thing is that I use it myself a lot!:joy: Just didn’t think about it!

That’s where the word “Slush” comes from… Saline! Thanks @woftam :+1:


What do you think of my notes?


@Iv3shf is right… beware the Vendor description …at the same time listen closely

“fluffy”? Marshmallow
“Slushie”? agree Champagne

So along with your choice of fruits…

Champagne (TPA) 2%
Koolada 10% (TPA) 1% - 2%
Marshmallow (FA) 1%
Super Sweet (CAP) 1%

It may be possible to iron out fruit percentages first (no distractions!), then add the above “fluffy slushie”. With the zippy orange and pineapple you might need some MTS Vape Wizard (1-2%)

Oh and special thanks @TheSoilworker for a well crafted (informative!) [REQ]~! …a pleasure to read


It is also my much beloved vape… hmmm… shellback slush… i have tried several baches, but nothing like the real deal.
This was my latest attempt, forgot the koolada

Please help us :grin:


All tpa flavours, only thing i almost know for sure, Charlie uses philepine mango tpa, it has the same juicy smell as the real deal


Hi Bokkum,

Good to see there are more Shellback Slush fans in here. It is truly one in it’s kind. I’m now in batch 3 but there’s too much coconut in there. (but it might be a fault in my scale, it’s doing weird stuff sometimes)

Batch 2 was ridiculously close so i just mixed up some more of that with some new experimental percentages and some menthol. I’ll update here when i have some results.

The guys here suggested to add some cantaloupe at .5% and coconut at .5% and that REALLY did the trick and made some nice pairings between the flavors. I see you have Cotton Candy in yours, is that for the sugary after-taste ? Sweetener also did the job. But in a couple of interviews Matthew Topolski (their mixer) stated that “If you need Sweetener, you got the recipe wrong”

It would be really helpful if you can make a batch of my 2nd attempt (http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/2451048/Shellback%20Slush%20(Attempt%202)) to see how you perceive the flavor. I’m pretty close except for the menthol. i’m 99% sure there’s a 0.5% menthol in there, batch 4 will hopefully reveal that.

Also try CAP Sweet Mango instead of TPA Mango. I know what you are saying and that it is really really close but the CAP Sweet Mango is definitely what they are using.

They also produce DVTCH in the same facility so it could still be TPA in Shellback Slush… but that’s a lot of CAP tanks tho. lol. I know … it’s kind of sad and sorry if any of them are reading this. (and IF they do… please help us out lol)

Alright that’s it. Please try and make a sampler of my 2nd batch and let me know what you think of it.


Just tried my Attempt #4 without steeping, and i keep tasting the marshmallow through the mix. I’ve had that with all the mixes. So i will drop the Marshmallow for the next version. It also makes sense because most commercial e-juices shouldn’t have this much ingredients.

The Cantaloupe is still doing it’s work with the layering so i’ll keep that in for Attempt #5. I had too much Coconut Extra in my last version but that was definitely because of my shitty pocket scale, so i’ll keep that in for now and order a new scale. I see that your mix is 50/50, Shellback should be around 73/27.

The menthol is now getting close… but it’s on the verge of ‘too much’ so i will try and increase the Koolada instead. @Experienced mixers here : Is 3% Koolada too much or uncalled for ?

I get the feeling i don’t have the 3 major layers right, or at least the percentages. (Sweet Mango / Papaya / Sweet Tangerine) … the side notes are pretty much in the ballpark. The Papaya is still too strong…even at low percentages. I’ll order some from CAP too.

So far the Attempt #4 is already delicious and the best mix i cooked up in the couple months that i’ve been doing this, including all the ‘top’ recipes on the site.


Too awesome and a common bit of advice we offer Cloners. Vendors have to buy HUGE quantities of flavorings to make 1,000s of bottles of Juice. This often means they stick with one Vendor (Capella?), so you should too. Also it’s true not all Vendors sell huge bulk quantities like this (and bigger!)

Ooops peeking out from the back is Cucumber (?) which might be the elusive secret ingredient. This pic is groundbreaking and undeniable evidence of prior anecdotal stories from Mixers here who already knew …because they’re making Commercial juice. Hey? …but DIY is like Fight Club so we shouldn’t be talking about it :smirk:

Hey but be careful slippin around in that back alley, you could end up in one of those blue barrels (joke!) lol Oh and the Menthol? likely Koolada …especially if it’s causing problems (trying to use menthol and get the same cooling effect)


It is my belief that this is more common in commercial e-juice than everyone thinks it is.

There have been interactions with the guy behind Charlie Nobel here on ELR before ( he is a member of ELR) and I can guarantee you he uses more than one flavor manufacturer so get the one brand only thought out of your mind.

I tried early on to clone one of his juices and was so far off base it was not funny. I got lucky and he discontinued one of the ones I liked and made the recipe public.

I am not sure this will help out but maybe seeing some of his creations will give you some ideas on what he does.

This one was my favorite juice back when I first started vaping. I still keep a bottle mixed up thanks to him releasing the recipe to the public.

Here is another one

Yet another one

@prettymatthew probably would have given you a tour if you asked him to do so.

EDIT: When I posted this I was in a hurry to get someplace. After re-reading my post I just wanted to say @BoDarc and @TheSoilworker I was in no way trying to put either of you down in anyway. I was only trying to share what I know to be a fact in the case of Charlie Nobel from previous interactions here on ELR with Matthew.

Fact is I once thought he may have used Flavor West exclusively because of an old photo he posted on the internet himself. I posted about that and he personally answered that post. Later via private message with him he also told me I was welcomed to come take a tour of there facility.


I agree with wvsanta here, while I never had that juice in question or any original juices, but enjoy pretty much interviews with that mixer in particular, one thing you can’t hold above his head is being not creative.

Many companies use one brand only, nothing wrong with it, but many others use multiple brands, and we know he does aswell.

Now I don’t know him personally of course, but I also thought he would of been more than happy in giving you some advise here or a tour, if asked.

Trying to clone a juice is one thing and impossible to do 100% but climing over someone’s fence, trying to find “trade secrets” is something I don’t support.

Regardless of these flavors to be part of the juice or not, sorry but I feel it wasn’t your right or business to be there, taking pictures on top and then publishing them. Some things just going too far.

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It was in Amsterdam, they make the juices for a couple of vendors. (DVTCH is one of them) didn’t climb any fences or trespass property. It’s just the backside.

The factory was closed or else i’d just ask for a tour.

I’ll take the pic down.


@TheSoilworker maybe i try your 5th attempt. Is that close?

Look at Charlie Noble canary coulis, and what they mention about some flavouring.
Thats why i think they use tfa for the fruity base

Oh i want it so bad!!

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I use saline in a few things, maybe 3 or 4 flavors at most. It can add a little ‘pop’, or help to accent a flavor. Mainly bakery or peanut butter.

I use 6 flavor houses in the current production lineup. You have to remember we started in 2014, so a lot of the newer flavoring brands either didn’t exist back then, or weren’t able to provide the quantities we needed.

And yes, he should’ve just walked around front and asked for the tour!



Now that’s investigative work! Nice…

@prettymatthew ELR thrives because it is such an Open Source cooperative effort by Members. We all appreciate your contributions even in the face of us trying so hard not to be Customers :wink:

Sincerest thanks for your communications here. It elevates you and your company in our esteem. While we DIY folks peck around the edges of your Intellectual Property, we will never forget all the recipes shared for free.

It’s a great big creative World out there, and there is plenty of room for DIY and commercial interests. Your confident optics makes it easy to see your Creatives powers in making the latest e-juice will always be one-step-ahead of us curious cloners.

Openness? Confidence? Not sure how to describe your willingness to share, but it’s a Win Win for Charlie Noble (click this to learn what CN means) Bright …Up Front …where all the good smells come from. Thanks again