[REQ] Shifu's kung fu tea clone

Hey all,

I’m searching for some recipe to make an similar Shifu’s kung fu tea from alchemy. We cant buy the liquid anymore.
Does somebody any idea whch aroma’s i can mix to get a similar taste

please let me know in % from which brand and flavor.

and if there is any from perchanse to dream i like to know too.

thanks greetings.

http://www.eliquidmania.com/shifus-kung-fu-tea-liquid-alchemy.html says:


Tee, lychee en dragon fruit.

50% PG / 50% VG

Propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, natural and artificial flavours, water and (optional) nicotine

https://www.smkd.com/products/shifu-s-kung-fu-tea?variant=22798151495 Says:

“Satisfaction for the soul” is what the Chinese say Kung Fu tea should bring. We are certainly very satisfied with this recipe, which combines the finest tea in China with exotic flavours of lychee and dragon fruit. Try it – you won’t be disappointed.

An e-liquid that we are proud to have sourced directly from China, Shifu’s Kung Fu Tea-Liquid contains all the hard work and dedication that sums up the essence of ‘Kung Fu’. A beautifully prepared and steeped Chinese tea, awash with light sweet lychee and dancing with notes of exotic dragon fruit.

Do you have tea/lychee/dragonfruit concentrates for starters! Also, can you tell what sort of tea it is - green/black/chai etc?

I’m no expert at mixing but am sure somebody will be able to assist- let us know what you’ve tried already :+1::smiley:



yes i will try that only need to find the right tea and lychee. Those are such incredable difficult flavors.

I will go try a lot and mix and let you know when i find the right mix


Good luck and yes, definitely keep us posted :+1::smiley:

I’m going to miss this one too. Did they go out of business?