[REQ] Skwezed green apple

Has anyone ever had skwezed green apple juice I love the apple flavor and how crisp and refreshing it is and would love to have a recipe to make my own does anyone no or have a recipe like this juice?

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I’ve seen these 2…

Apple (Green) (FW) 8%
Tart Green Apple (TPA) 4%
Green Apple (CAP) 2%

TPA Green Apple 9%
INW Two Apples 6%

FA Fuji is a lovely green apple also :+1:


Have you tried the first recipe?


I have not tried any of them, they are from a clone thread on reddit, the second one was said to be “close”.

The Juice in Question:

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I no I won’t be able to make an exact clone but something that is close would be awsome I just don’t know all the profiles in it to start trying to make something

Does TPA still sell the granny smith apple concentrate? wooo I used that in my first ventures in diy, yikes it bitter.

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@xkalibudx Country Apple (Purilum) is a new popular apple …tasty. One thing for sure you could explore straight Apple combo vapes for many months! Please share any successes. I love Apple vapes. Search the Forum for “Apple Juice” to see some other Apple discussions, and use the ELR Home Flavor Search to look at some of these suggested Apples and the “Recipes” listed under the individual search results

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that was my first apple flave i ever bought ( tpa and cap were my first vendors ) besides the LB flaves from the diy kit but it was horrible imo and turned me away from apples , then i discovered FA fuji and more recently Cap double apple , purilium country apple , and even FA stark apple now i love a good apple vape , i think ibhave one or two more apples that are pretty good as well

im working on a custard apple pie its almost there , if your interested ill post it when ive completed it

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PUR country apple is good but it’s more or less a yellow delicious rather than a tart green apple imo. Same with caps double apple. That’s a mix of red and yellow delicious. I would say the FA Fuji is more in tune to what the OP had in mind. Might mix in some inawera shisha apple and maybe some citric acid or apple cider vinegar. Not sure on that but it may make that apple pop a bit

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perfect descriptions