[REQ] Something like Clara T

Som i have just startes mixing and bought probably half the inventory at the shopping. But cant find a recipe i like except Clara t. So wondered if anyone knows of a fruit recipe with that icy touch like that and ofc not too complex :grinning:

Product Description
Clara T is the newest addition to the T-Juice range and there is no doubt that Red Astaire has met his match. Clara-T has a more subtle aniseed lick, and a tad more freshness, which will excite your taste buds and make your atty buzz.


I know the descripion but would love to get some mixing advices as my tastebuds and imagination cant figure out ingredients and percentages :grinning:

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@Noobie I found a recipe for the Red Astaire which lists extracts from France and Poland. You are in over your head trying fo clone this, but it is known by the rest of us that you will discover new recipes you can like even more …but you must be willing to try some. This will also sharpen your skills in describing what you taste. First you need a stash of flavors and the skills to mix and test each flavor. Be sure to read the Beginner threads.

If you like the Anise flavor search for it on the ELR Home under “Resources” -> “Flavor List” …click “Rating” to bring the highest rated Anise flavors to the top [click that]. Then open each flavor and read under “Notes” and “Recipes”. Sounds like Anise and Mint so search out those type recipes and buy the flavors and mix and try.

Try Anise (FA) first for reading “Notes” (you have to scroll down) and then scan “Recipes” just below for some that also have mints like “Koolada” Read Beginner Threads about how to use the tools and start with the best flavors and how to find the Most Popular Recipes. Expand your horizons

Best of Luck! …and Welcome


When you request a clone or help on one… you should provide description or details on flavors.

Have a clone, or working on one?
If you have a clone, get feedback here. Need help with a clone? Found a clone? If you’re requesting one, prefix your post with [REQ] - and provide a description of what you think it tastes like!


@MisterSinner is only putting the description up to help you and others know what the juice is so maybe someonewho has made something similar can chime in , a very high percent of us typically have no clue what a person is asking for unless the description is in the thread because we dont vape vendor juice , with the description someone can typically get the ball rolling for the one asking for advise :slight_smile:


you replied faster than me ugh lol :wink:


yeeeah check out the Red Astaire clone over on that French site. Looks like T-Juice is some heavy hitting Perfumists cracking out some complex product. Impressive…

Not you Noobie you need to read :wink:


I definetly need to check where i post things. Thought i was inn the noob forum and not the clone section😀

You did OK, but we have never had your juice, so we rely on your description. As you discovered it can be very difficult to do. For us we can only Google …not much help. This is how most of us ended up here, so while it may seem critical, we are trying to help. …and we can all promise you will learn a thousand things in search of this one Quest. So again Welcome to the Fire


Just buyed Clara T, first taste: there’s definitly blackberry, blackcurrant with some liquorice, a touch of menthol, anise, and tons of w23 or koolada. Is like red astaire, same things a little bit less liquorice and sweet.

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Rings bell everybody, gather here-ye, here-ye, for franco has posted thy first post among the morning dew.

Rise forth, blackberry, blackcurrant and thy… shivers rice of licker,

Welcome to thy kingdom of vaap, Sir or ma’am franco


Same day I’ve posted early comment made my own attemp.
Used what I had on hand.
CAP blackcurrant at 6, TPA blackberry at 4, then menthol,koolada and bubblegum at 1% and a little bit of absynth. I just throwed those numbers wihtout any previous test of flavors, so I expected to be wrong from first time (I don’t even had anised and liquorice). But I think nailed the main profile. I’m tasting it side by side on an rda. Sure, needs to be tuned up, but feels great. So if you can try a clara like recipe, play with something like that.
I’m not a great taster, but if you ask me, I smell tpa blackberry on clara and red astaire from the first time.

Oh, needed to say, that attemp lacks of some complex magic you taste on clara. Maybe a little forest fruits, and certainly some anised stuff.