[REQ] southern peach by Dr. Crimmys

This was my all day everyday vape for about 7 years. I’ve been trying since Dr. Crimmy shut down to replicate this juice. I havent come close yet. I have ordered so many flavorings and still could order 30 more just to attempt to make some of the recipes ive seen that could be similar to what I’m looking for. The best way I can describe it is to say it’s a peaches and cream, but not overpowering with flavor. When fresh the juice has more of a peach bite but after a week or so the cream really comes in rich. The juice seems to change alot flavor wise over the course of month, but it’s always good. Fresh or several months old I just can’t put I down.


I never had it. First, CAP and TPA (and maybe FW) would be my only choices (avoid the rest). Finding the right peach shouldn’t be that hard probably, while finding the right cream could be trickier. For my first try i’d check what creams are mixers using in their clone attempts of other Dr.Crimmy’s (like Strawberry Overdose; it’s likely they use the same cream base and if not you’d know where you’re at / in what direction should you push next; single flavor testing would help you a lot). Since it’s one of those old recipes, it is quite likely you’d have to push to around 20% flavorings overall.

Since peaches and cream is your thing, you should buy Peach Pie and Cream WF (despite this one is not used in Dr. Crimmy’s) and you most probably won’t be disappointed (and even add Eggnog FLV for Shindo’s Spiced peaches and cream recipe).


That sounds like a solid strategy. I appreciate the help. I never got into the diy because I found this juice and it was exactly what I wanted in a juice. So I’m behind the times on all of this stuff. Thanks


Welcome to ELR @The_very_last_of_my
Never tried that Ejuice myself, but I have been working on a few Peach recipes lately. Here’s a couple peach + cream mixes that I have in the works, they’re both WIP’s but maybe these can help or give you some ideas:


I’ll give them a go, I’m running on reserves juice wise at the moment. Thanks for the recipes


@The_very_last_of_my This is a very nice recipe that I have been enjoying and thought you might like.


I’ll collect the ingredients and give it a go. Thanks for the reply


You’re welcome mate.:slightly_smiling_face:

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@The_very_last_of_my First, welcome to the forum. It looks like you’ve gotten some solid recommendations and hope you find (or develop) a recipe that tickles your taste buds. I am mainly a menthol-tobacco guy, but am starting to expand my flavor palette. I’ve only tried Peach from River Supply, and it hasn’t grabbed me. Luckily, I have some other Peaches to experiment with.


I was always a menthol guy myself. I went from smoking menthol to vaping menthol for a couple years. Then I got into pinup vapors for a while then I came across Dr crimmy southern peach. And that was just it for me. I didn’t like any of his other flavors. I know alot of people liked the strawberry overdose, but I don’t care for it. It would be nice if crimmy would come off that southern peach formula, but that’s a hard no, and I even offered a bribe😂.