[REQ] Space Jam - andromeda

I love the andomeda. But sub ohm and rba seems to be sucking the cash right out of my pockets. Is there anything out there that’s just like this that isnt at a premium cost? I’m not the least bit into the sweet stuff which everything seems to be. I recently quit smoking and i really dig the deep berry flavors of this juice. So how do i get my hands on a clone, i have not dabbled in clones nor am I considering making my own juice at the moment. And if no replicas, any other suggestions? All i have tried that some said were similar were not the least bit like this product and at the least just to sweet. Really any sweetnes is a turn off (Blueberry pomegranate and a smidge of cream)

I know it is over on the recipe side of this site.
My wife decided that I liked this flavor and kept buying it for me. I had to look it up to show her it could be done much cheaper.
I’m having problems getting into the link for you so just do a search when you can get over there.
I usually click on the stars to get the most highly rated one.

You can try any of these recipes and there is a bunch of them.


Thanks for the recipes. I’m more interested in purchasing a “knock off” of it. Are there people or places that’s create clones for sale? Getting this new rba working correctly, I used up half a bottle of juice in a day that runs 11 to 12$ a bottle per 15 ml

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If you go find a recipe with great recommendations on it in the comments section, you could then order a bottle from VapeCrafters using the drop-down box from the blue wrench.


Awesome! Exactly what i was looking for.


I checked out the Vapecrafters. I am interested, but orders under $50 cost with shipping is more than buying from a store. It is something I’m willing to try but at 0 difference in quality anf flavor. I havr found a couple highly rated recipes for Andromeda and would like to try them out at some point. On another note, I ordered a al85 Smok baby alien kit that comes with a tfv8 baby beast!

Looking for something similar, just something up that alley. It’s blueberry pomegranate and a tiny bit of creme. Not sweet whatsoever. Just good and fruity. Everything that clerks at vape shops point me to is like vaping on candy or cake. Just looking to explore some fruit flavors or similar to, without anything sweet. Also would like something a little less expensive.

P.s I recently quit smoking and switched to vaping. May be why I prefer something that tastes good but doesn’t appeal to a sweet tooth.

go into the calculator and keyword search andromeda. there are over 3 pages of results. there is probably one there that is close to what you are looking for, but I have not tried the original, or any of the recipes listed.
hope it helps

I have tried the original. If I had to guess, I would say Harry Smooth’s version is right on.

But in the comments @DarthVapor leaves the comment “Pomegranate, blueberry, vanillin and citric acid ;-)”

So that has me curious. Because if Darth says that’s what is in it I would have to try his recommendations first. I tagged him above so hopefully he can chime in with any other advice you may need.


You started a thread for this already fyi.

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I will delete the old post. I ordered the recipe with the vanillin off Vapecrafter I’m waiting for it to arrive. Anything else good and fruity out there?

Idk how to merge or delete thread. Help!

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So my vapecrafter order is taking seemingly forever, is this common. I’m waiting on a messege that my order has been shipped. I placed my order over a week ago. Glad I didn’t wait to buy juice in anticipation for this to arrive.

So i just got my order from Vapecrafter, right off the rip I can tell it is extremely sweet smelling compared to the space jam. Also a drastic change in color of my juice new being mostly clear and space jam having a Amber color. I used the highest rated recipe I could find in a Google search. I also used the closest to the listed ingredients, some listing as “the flavor apprentice” and some with no specific band. So I did what anybody else would do and go with pretty much all the same base line brand. I’m working on selecting the neccesary ingredients to craft as close a clone as I can. I also did the recipe %65 v.g with pg based %6 nic. It seems like im heading in the right direction, but early needs some tweaking. As a side note i also did not choose any options to add any sort of acidity or any other aditives i could have, as having no knowedge of what the outcome to be and it not being in the recipe. For it being so highly rated it doesnt seem like the “identical” that others state. One photo is the clone. The other is my order.

next is my order.Any suggestions?