[Req] space jam particle x clone

Looked all over the Internet to find this recipe but no joy. Please help

Flavour description states:

flavour notes; a tasty blend of Blueberry and Raspberry Spun Sugar, in vape form.

What have you tried so far @Shack?

And welcome to ELR :grin:


I’m very new to diy juice making. A friend of mine made me a clone juice but it was heavy on the raspberry and light on the sugar and he’s not keen on sharing his recipe so I can try tweaking it

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What kinda friend is that?
If he made a clone for you why not give you the recipe so you at least can adjust it to your liking if he won’t do it for you. Guessing you get a Pale Vape out of that mix as it is now…

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It’s not one I’ve ever vapes so you may want to hold out for somebody who has.

Otherwise it’s a case of (sometimes very lengthy) trial and error due to how many blueberry/raspberry concentrates that are available.

Exact cloning can be nigh on impossible unless you have super duper sensory perception like the lovely @Beaufort_Batches.

Capella do a blue raspberry cotton candy iirc - have you bought any concentrates yet?

Also - if you haven’t already - give these a read - they are a fab resource


We’re not close friends, more like associates and I reckon he’s a bit competitive. His juice is a very pleasant vape but not close enough for me. I like really sweet flavours and I’m addicted to the particle x but thanks to the government nazis I can’t get hold of it in tpd compliant bottles. Thanks for all your tips and information. I tend to go tfa or capella concentrates but I suspect that the key to this juice is the sweetener

I would bet that this is the base flavor. They are probably adding ethyl maltol on top of that.

I would start with 10% Capellas Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy and 2% Ethyl Maltol


Thanks for the advice, I’ll give it a nudge

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The Sweetener may very likely be the key to what your tasting. Sucralose is a huge part in many Store E juices and it was key in the Clone I’m chasing.
I’ve got the general profile down now and I keep kicking up the sweetener till I hit the mark. It’s up over 2% as I’m near that now and still not quite there.
The same old Pale Vape imitation not quite strong enough flavor. Still not Bold enough like the real one is. It near jumps out of the bottle at you.


What are you trying to clone?

French Dude. by Vape Breakfast Classics.
French toast
Whipped Cream
Stuff is like crack in a bottle to me. I could just drink it.

I’m the same with the particle x. It seems all my favourite juices are American and for some reason the Americans weren’t ready for tpd so all suppliers are out of stock. Same for nasty juice trap queen and teleos cloud science alpha, both super delish and only available in America!