[REQ] Space jam thermal

My gf loves thermal and I’m just getting into diy, I couldn’t find any recipes from a couple Google searches. Was wondering if anybody has a good recipe for it. Thanks

It would be helpful if you include the flavor profile. Many of us havent bought premium juice in a long time. There is probably a few recipes that may meet that particlar flavor profile. Can you share a link to the juice description?


You may find this to be appealing. I made it for a friend who is not a DIYr. I hope you find it like/similar to your desired Clone:


Thanks bro, I appreciate it

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yeah that looks good…

The sort of flavor profile I get from space jam’s thermal is more “Apple/ish”. I can’t even find any apple/s flavor that remotely resembles Thermal. In fact, I can’t even find a authentic kiwi and orange that would flow well with this mix, considering the mix is an apple, kiwi, and orange smoothie.