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[REQ] Spellbound by Illusions


Trying to do a clone of SPELLBOUND by Illusions. Been playing with nectarine, juicy peach and sugarcane. It’s just not there :frowning: does anyone have some close clones? I tried Hebe’s Nectar (Spellbound clone) but it’s just not right. Anyone cloned it yet ?? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Welcome! I am sry i cant be much help other then edit the topic and refer u to Clone Request Helpful Guidelines Gl to u!


Thanks :grinning:
The juice is described as being “Spellbound e-juice by Illusions Vapor is a mesmerizing blend of fresh nectarine that’s been delicately sweetened with scrumptious sugar cane juice. It’s a delicious treat, night or day.”

It’s not just Nectarine and Sugar Cane… theres a hint of something else, like a pinapple or apricot.There a slight ‘tang’ and/or a chase of melon on the exhale.

I made my Flavor Stash public :grinning: