[REQ] Spring vapor ( candy suprise )

so there is a vape shop in spring tx of spring vapor. they have a house juice called ( candy suprise )
its a caramel apple cheesecake!!!

from what I get from the smell and vaping it is.

tfa vanilla custard.
tfa brown sugar.
tfa cheesecake graham crust.
tfa ( either candy apple, green apple or regular apple.

I don’t know if im getting caramel or not because the brown sugar is what I smell most from it


@MisterSinner…did I miss something? did you comment?


Nope. I just edited the format of the title. Any
clone requests should start with [REQ] :+1:



This sure sounds like a good vape.


it really is but I cant nail it down. I know for sure that it has brown sugar from tfa. I know that for a fact. the smell is spot on

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the recipe was created yrs ago. im thinking the recipe is all tfa. I don’t taste anything from capella or flavourart

plus…your vape shops don’t use the high end concentrates. they use the cheap stuff. TFA AND FW OR EURO FLAVORS.

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Building off cocoon(fa) might be good starting point, carmalized apple. Its been a year since i bought it and havent done much of anything w/ tho. Gl to u!


I don’t believe they are using flavourart in that recipe

When you nail it down let us know. I know I’d like to try it out.

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Unless you get that recipe there’s no way for you to actual clone it.

Can you get close to something enjoyable? Probably.

Two options, if you’re certain that they are using tpa, buy every flavor that you taste in the original and start your journey of trying to crack that code.

Or build something that might be similar in profile, but still different using newer brands, or overall other flavors that can get you there.

Some companies btw. changed recipe ingredients or even brands to avoid daap, since some are afraid of upcoming rules.

Some use a main brand, example Capella but use one or two ingredients for that recipe from somebody else etc.

At the end of the day it’s your choice of picking a method. But flat out saying they only use tpa might hinder you.


well I know for sure that they are using tfa brown sugar. I also know they are using tfa cheesecake graham crust. for a back note and its lite but I also taste tfa vanilla custard. they might be using a caramel but its not salted nor a candy. if they are then its not much either. the brown sugar is spot on for sure. I ended up making some testers tonite so I will be testing in a week. now the apple could be double apple by capella or its tfa apple candy or tfa apple. …I will get it sooner than later…im not allowed at their shop because the employees know that I mix my own juice

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you around?

Yes I am around

I’m right on the head of the candy surprise recipe.

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Do you have all the flavors right?
Are you just trying to nail down the percentages?

I have the flavors spot on. I have a bottle of that candy surprise and it matches perfectly. I made 4 different bottles of it with different percentages.

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You mind sharing the flavors? I’d like to make sure I have them all.

He’s gone!
Maybe share the recipe!
We can ALL victory lap with you!

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