[REQ] Strawberry Dream One Shot (The Flavor Wizard)

Trying to figure out the flavors in this one shot flavor. Has anyone else tried this?


The ingredients are interesting:

Ingredients: Nat. and Art. Flavors, Propylene Glycol, Ethyl Alc., Water, Triethyl Citrate, Lactic Acid


Not the answer I was looking for lol.

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5% Nat. Flavouring
5% Art. Flavouring
Ethyl Alc 40%

OMG that’s Strawberry Vodka! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

jokes aside… when working on your recipe ideas, search tis site for Threads re: the effects of adding water and alcohol to your mix …which some people indicate is not only a good idea, but a secret ingredient in Commercial E-juice. Search for “Vodka” and “Distilled Water” in the above right Search Tool …maybe “Secret” too.

An obvious clone might be like…

Strawberry #1
Strawberry #2
Sour (TPA)
Vanilla Milkshake (LB)
Distilled Water


Thanks Bo. I dont have Vanilla Milkshake but will put it on my list.

This flavors of TFA contain lactic acid. :slightly_smiling_face:

and this contain Triethyl Citrate

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Vanilla bean ice cream is used then… :laughing:

Triethyl Citrate is used as a preserver and has been recorded as being toxic as an aerosol.

Triethyl Citrate:


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Wow lets def not clone that aspect of it lol

@stoopidman Ok Chemical Analysis complete. Strawberry TPA has the Citric and Malted Milk TPA has the Lactic …so

Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) 5% (for the SB Flavor)
Strawberry (TPA) 3% (delivers Citrate)
Malted Milk 1% (low) 2%? (Delivers Lactic)
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream 2% (low) 3%? (Durrrr)
Distilled Water 1%
50 Proof Vodka 2%

…just braintasting …consistent with OP info …“All TPA” makes sense in terms of known practice of commercial e-juice practices (One Vendor)
Opinions? This is surely already a recipe…


@stoopidman ok NOW it’s a recipe (Work in Progress - Untested)


Dulce de Leche contain both Citric and Lactic acid :wink: and I think sound good to pair with Strawberry Ripe :slightly_smiling_face: What do you think? I like your recipe. I just try to give alternatives.


How did it turn out Bo?

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I just bought the Vodka but I’m Santa’s Elf for the next couple weeks. I’m having to steel my nerve to pour off some of that 50 Proof to reserve just for Mixing. One accomplishment at a time :wink: Er weren’t you the one looking for a baseline recipe? :sunglasses:

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The more I think about this… should look up in the “Recipes” under Dulce de Leche to see who has already published a recipe with SB

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This was actually way easier than I thought. Strawberry Milk from OSDIY with a little sweetener and thats it.