[req] strawberry white chocolate - by top class e-juice

Ok, who is going to help me? :smiley:


White chocolate has never been my thing.

Do you get much of a white chocolate flavor from it or is more of a creamy strawberry? Have you attempted to clone it yet, and if so, what have you tried?


Hi! And welcone to ELR! I’m not familiar with this one, but it should be a pretty basic profile to conquer. A Strawberry or two, a cream or two, a little White Chocolate and a little sweetener should get you going.

I can’t find you on the recipe side of ELR, so I don’t know what flavors you have. Are you using a different name over there? Have you mixed anything yet? Do you have the flavor types I mentioned or are you wanting to put an order together after getting some advice?

My advice is to search for similar recipes and find those flavors. If you have them entered in your flavor stash you can just click on them and look for similar recipes using them, and recommended %s, notes, etc. If you don’t have them, the flavor list, recipe database and the forum are great places to search. You can probably just enter Strawberry White Chocolate in the recipe feed search and find a winner if all you want is to snag a recipe.

Forgive me if there is more to your history than I could see in your stats, but if the numbers are reflective of your experience, you’ll need to read a lot more than you have since September. 6 minutes of read time isn’t going to help very much. It takes quite a bit of research to get an idea of how to mix something like this. No matter how basic the recipe. A good mantra is read, read, read, mix, test, read, experiment, test, read, read, read, mix, test and repeat! But, have fun! Good luck with this recipe, too! I hope someone can help you more directly than I could.