[REQ] SUGARLICIOUS Chocolate Cream Donut

Hey all, looking for a clone of Chocolate Cream Donut by Sugarlicious.

No need for multiple threads

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A fried donut topped with chocolate glaze accompanied by a rich cream filling.


new to the forum, thank you very much.


Welcome! this may help you help others help you :laughing: Clone Request Helpful Guidelines Gl to u!


hi, i see alot of chocolate glazed donut recipes but i was hoping to find someone that knows exactly the brand and flavor i am looking for.

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Hi and welcome. It is highly unlikely that you’re going to find a 100% clone. Most people in the DIY community make their own juices and don’t buy commercial juice. What you can find is recipes of the same profile and, perhaps something that is very close to what you know, but just like it’s difficult to recreate a dish from your favorite restaurant (even using the same ingredients), it will be difficult to get exactly the same e-liquid.
The more detailed information you can give about your juice, the better the recommendations will be.

And that is not to say a clone is therefore worse than the original. The good thing about DIY is that you can tweak your recipes exactly how you want them to be.
It should be a fairly simple recipe though… fried donut, cream, chocolate and glaze/icing (and likely some ethyl maltol and/or sucralose for sweetener). Commercial recipes are usually very simple, so get yourself a few different versions (brands) of those flavors and you can start playing and see which ones you recognize (or not).


No idea what the original recipe is, but chocolate donut FA and some Vienna or Bavarian cream and you can probably find something you enjoy. Maybe 3% and 1.5 %, a couple drops of sweetness flavorah if you must have it sweeter. If you are starting, keep it simple.
( And for those wondering why I am spending my time answering today, yes I am a little bored )


Thanks everyone for the responses, another question, if I make a 120ml of juice how much of that 120ml, percentage wise, should be flavoring in total, 5%, 10%? That’s been one of my biggest problems I think.


Edit: what about you start with smaller quantities, there is no guarantee your first try will taste right to you!

The percentage does not change with the size of the bottle, and there is a handy calculator on the site.

From here on the forum, hit create recipe on the top. One of the wonderful mods will no doubt drop the new user standard message before I have time to finish typing this one though :slight_smile:

Make sure you enter the flavour names right and all that as well ( when you enter the flavours, pick the one from the list that looks right and has the biggest number at the end )

Even better, I made an example for you:

You can hit the little blue button with a spanner, use adapt this, and make your version of it, adapting nicotine level and the strength of your nicotine, your preferred pg/vg ratio and other stuff you are probably not doing.

Hope that saves you a little time.


Yes, I use the calculator all the time, but I was never sure on how much of the finished product should be flavor as opposed to VG, PG & NIC, whether its 30,60,120 etc.


@VECC How much flavor percentage depends ON the flavor(s) you use. In @SuperFrog’s example it is 120ml finished juice, with a 70v/30p mix, 6mg NIC and 3.5% flavor total. You can change any of those values as you need to.


Understood, I just thought maybe there was like an industry standard that it had to be a certain percentage for full flavor…


Well, it’s totally dependent per each flavor. As far as flavor totals, we all typically like to start low, and adjust up if needed. Over flavoring causes nothing but problems, and wasted money. You can always add more flavor if you need it, but you can’t take it back out.


It is very easy to mess up your liquid by not using the correct percentages. There are no standards (even within the same brand) because concentrations vary greatly.
Some flavors, you’ll use 10% (12ml in your 120ml e.g. CAP vanilla custard) and with others, if you use 4 drops or 0.08ml (e.g. FA blackberry), you’ll have used way too much and you get a chemical mess you really don’t want to vape.

First of all, before you start mixing those quantities, read, read, read through the e-liquids>beginners forum and when you’re done, read some more.
Start off by doing single flavor tests for every flavor that you own. Watch this video to see how

If in the meantime you need a juice to vape on, enter your flavors in your stash, click the What Can I Make? button, sort by rating and pick one out. And even then, start with small amounts (10 to 30ml max) until you’re sure you’re going to like it.


actually… to mix with weight… :slight_smile:

One needs to know a few things:

(ie same manufacture or is there different ones?)

Are the bottle tips for flavors the same? if yes… proceed… if not… adjust so all tips matchy matchy…

if all your bottle tips are the same… How many drops per ml do you get?

then also know what your weight is for 1 drop.

ie: 1 drop = .02g or .02ml for Flavorah

As long as you can figure out if you go by grams, drops or ml, then you can mix anything on your scales and input it into elr. Hope this can help a bit more…


And if you’re using drops, which I don’t recommend but sometimes you don’t have a choice, it is also important to keep your bottles straight upside-down to get consistent drops. Keeping them tilted can vary the size of your drops.


lemme ask this… if you do not use drops for your scales… what do you call it??

I was thinking we could like change it to like splashes splurges splushers?? umm…

(Joking…:smiley: ) but any other questions, just ask… :smiley:


I use grams for my scales and I pour instead of dropping :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I can not pour lol… I will pour too much… I do go by the tips on the bottles…

I know even one drop can change a recipe.


Maybe with MF and apparently Flavorah now but I have never noticed a drop changing my recipe. I don’t mix as precise as most and I don’t see a difference. I reckon I don’t have a very sophisticated pallet.