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[REQ] Suicide bunny mother milks and cookies

I want to make a clone of this recipe.can anyone help me ? I want this liquid cause is my favorite.thanks

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ELR is here to save the day…after u try to help yourself that is. This may help u find answers on your own and posting correctly will gain more attention from peps that follow such threads.


Never heard of it, is it new? Or different from “normal” Mother’s Milk?
My first thought would be to use this recipe and add shitloads of some cookies flavouring like Inawera biscotti or something.

Or better this, less total flavour and very similar:

I’ve had a bottle of Mother’s Milk and it had a a nice coconut flavor in it, not a sweet one but more incense-spicy-ish if that makes any sense…

It’s special edition of suicide bunny. It’s mother’s milk with cookies

bold move

Reqests a clone for one of the most overkilled juices. RIP Mother Milk


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I typed it in the search bar…

Between mothers milk and unicorn milk there is 34 pages of results.

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It’s mother’s milk and COOKIES, guys. Yes, similar, but not just mother’s milk. I get that it’s sometimes a pain to answer questions that seem obvious, but lets try to keep the snark to a minimum.

Does it taste like strawberry milk and cookies? Or is it more like a regular milk and cookies? I’m guessing strawberry since that is what mother’s milk supposedly is.

The mother’s milk part, I’d definitely go with one of the 10K clones that are out there. See above. I’ve not tried any of them so I can’t steer you in a direction to which is best. Try the most popular?

As for the cookies, I’d use something like Cap Sugar Cookie at 2-3% or maybe FA Cookie at 1-2%. You may have to play with the percentages a little bit.


I had no place to answer. I am not familiar with the taste. Just the name.
My bad man @gus8511q

I have tried the original and it’s beautiful,much nicer than the plain version of MM,the strawberry to me is barely noticeable but it has a heavy creaminess with a cookie/biscuit flavour. I too would like to get close to something that resembles this ejuice. I am thinking of adding some sugar cookie and maybe a little of Capellas SL biscuit to try to get some layers.
Firstly though the hardest part for me is trying to find the best clone recipe of MM as there are just so many.

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Anybody ever figure this out. Or specifically what they used for the cookie flavor?