[REQ] Teardrip Pearamel (but different?)

A while back I tried Teardrip’s pearamel juice. The flavor combo was good but it was sickeningly sweet and kind of light on overall taste. I’m guessing they just loaded it up with sucralose. I liked the juice enough to vape it all (although it was only a 15ml bottle) and it made me want that flavor profile again, but I couldn’t bring myself to buy anymore because I felt like it was giving me diabetes. So what I’m looking for is a nice simple caramel pear recipe. I found a few on the calculator site, but they seem to all have dragon fruit… which I do have but I’m wondering if that’s actually the flavor I’m looking for or not? Anyway, I have fa caramel, and fa and tpa pear. If anyone has a caramel pear recipe that isn’t ridiculously sweet I’d love to see it!

The Dragon Fruit might just be an acidic kind of twang added to the mix to give it complexity? Not sure but you could leave it out and put something more palatable to you in it’s place?

True… Maybe I should just try one of them that’s out there and use it as a starting point.

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I mix this regularly, still slightly sweet, but a tasty vape imho also benefits from a 2-3 week steep

Pears in Caramel Sauce

Ingredient %
Brown Sugar Extra (TPA) 0.25
Caramel (MF) 0.75
Milk and Honey (Flavorah) 2
Pear (MF) 1.5
Vanilla (MF) 0.5

Flavor total: 5%

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My notes

The Brown Sugar was Just 1 Drop but entered it on here as 0.25%

The Medicine Flower extracts used are full strength from the manufacturers and not already diluted

Medicine Flower Caramel and Pear go really well together I think, and the Milk & Honey smooths the finished flavour off and gives it a little bit of creaminess

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Yep…I started my mixing endeavors trying to clone my favorites.

I found out quickly I could get close sometimes but would probably never nail the actual flavor to perfection…what surprised me was that I made way better stuff than what was being sold once I freed myself from trying to copy other peoples flavor profiles.


Absolutely. That’s what I love about this whole mixing thing, you can totally personalize what you want. I have a juice that I loved when I was buying it and right away I started trying to clone it. But I realized that even as inexperienced as I am, I’ve come up with things already that I like way more.