[REQ] The Fog Clown Sajos

Is there anywhere I can get the recipe for Sajos,
from The Fog Clown?
I have been searching everywhere for this recipe since they stopped making this e-liquid.


Never heard of it. Describe profile and they to come up with your own recipe. Colonel sanders doesn’t keep his spice blend online for the public


Sajos Strawberry Kiwi E-liquid by The Fog Clown is a sweet strawberry kiwi flavor whipped up with an infusion of the clown’s signature blast of cool freshness!


Wild guessing. Since from Malaysia there is a good chance (i’d say 90%+) they are using their own / Chinese brands (although Capella / VTA is also possible).

You might try some recipes with these two brands strawberries and kiwi to find out if any of those is used (that won’t be that hard since not a complex recipe; both CAP and VTA also have Strawberry-Kiwi flavor btw, but it is highly unlikely those are flavors used in Sayos), but… sincerely, i wouldn’t bet you will come anywhere close since we don’t have their brands

(and instead of chasing Sayos i’d rather try some best rated NEWish SB-Kiwi recipes; you might find something great despite not being Sayos)

(btw. if you’re from the UK, you can get Sayos with a nice discount here; past BB)


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I did this one and it is nice it has to steep. Its truly ready when it turns a medium yellow color. Sometimes it takes longer then the 28 days depending how you steep it


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Welcome to the forum. You’ve gotten some good suggestions. In my experience, cloning is a tough thing to do. What worked for me was to experiment and get something darned close. Though my all day vape is not an exact clone of my store bought ADV, I now like it better than what I was buying. Good luck on finding a recipe that works for you.