[REQ] The Milk by Teleos

Hi All,
I’m new to this forum. I’m wondering if anyone - can pls clone The Milk by Teleos. I would love to try this but the prices are so…
It sounds so good in the description and everybody who reviewed this juice is raving about it. Any help is greatly appreciated!


You might try starting with one of these cereal type vapes and adjusting until you find something that you like. Not many of the folks around here do much cloning from what I can tell. I think we take inspiration from premade juices but cloning is really tough, especially since there are so many flavors and variables involved.

From what I can tell in the description for the juice, it is the milk leftover from fruity pebbles, maybe with some brown sugar. You might try one of the recipes for cereal with a little less of the ‘cereal’ aspect or combined with a milkstone and add some brown sugar? Sorry I can’t give you more, but I hope this helps to at least get you started. :wink:

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This one is very similar is 20 ml 6 mg nic in case you want to try it…
Brown sugar 4 drops
Cap Van, custard 12 drops
Fruit circles 6
berry crunch 5
Malted milk 7
marshmallow 14
sugar cookie 4
sweet cream 7
Capt crunch 4
bergamot 1
orange 1

let it steep for one day and shake it a lot, after a week it changes I don know why, still working on this one I am obsess. If you find out what is missing please share.


Start with PG/VG/Nic base of your choice.

3% cinnamon danish TFA
4% frosted donut TFA
3% captain cereal TFA
6% of sweeter (I know that’s a lot but worth it)

I warm water bathed it and tasted great right away, I would recommend 2 day steep to bring out the love.