[REQ] 'The One' by Beard

I was wondering if anyone has cloned or uses something very similar to ‘Beards - The One’ strawberry juice. Heres a description:

  • combines all the greatest vape flavors of cereal, donut, strawberries and milk into one flavor. delicious notes of strawberry doughnut on the inhale with sweetened cereal and creamy milk on the exhale.

Flavor Profile: Strawberry, Donut, Cereal, Milk

70/30 VG/PG

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Here is some info on clone requests.

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Some points of interest, taken from stores reviews:

This juice tastes amazing. Idk about the flavor profile but it’s definitely really sweet. It kind of tastes like unicorn milk with powdered sugar. Will for sure be ordering again!

I don’t really get the donut, but the strawberry and cereal definitely come through really well. It almost tastes like cereal flakes with strawberry milk. Haven’t been able to put it down since it showed up. Definitely getting a place in the rotation.

Awesome juice. Tastes just like dunking a donut in to a glass of strawberry milk. Delicious juice. Perfect nicotine hit, great clouds, great price.

The flavor is reminiscent of strawberry milk at the bottom of a cereal bowl. The strawberry smells and tastes artificial, like most fruity cereals are, but it’s not a bad flavor. In fact, I’d give the flavor closer to 4 stars but there is a dryness to the vape that is rather harsh on the throat and makes me knock the rating down to 3 stars. If you’re not as sensitive to dry vapes though, this might be enjoyable.

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Thanks Robin! I did read this already, and am just wondering if anyone has done somrthing close and I already googled and did a bit of research :slight_smile:

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@grubby goes to show how different we all are for sure. I don’t get any harshness at all but then again maybe because i havent been a non smoker long enough


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The point there was to help get a better idea of the profile from people who have vaped it, I find the reviews most helpful :smile:

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as do I. Thank you I understood the point

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I can’t link it right now. But on the recipe site there is a juice called Dohnuts that tastes like The One but a bit better imo

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@Jooshwa, oh great tyvm, I have slowly been looking through everything on the site and found myself sidetracked with shopping list lol… I will have a look for sure, thanks so much!

Here it is. I used cap glazed donut and it worked out great


thank you, I’ll add the 2 flavors i need to my list and am excited to give it a try

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I am waiting on some fw- glazed donut but here’s my clone until I get some donut flavour:

Cap strawberries & cream 5%
TFA strawberry ripe 3%
TFA sweet strawberry 1%
Cap Cereal 27 3%
Cap golden butter 3%
TFA dairy milk 2%
FW yellow cake 2%

Not sure what I’ll sub for the donut but the colour is close. I may even just add the donut & then try change quantities to get the flavour even closer. But this is pretty close.


Welcome to the forum. Enjoy !!

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