[REQ] Tonix Cherry Almond by Element

my favourite all day liquid is: Cherry Almond by Tonix (Element). I love it so much but it’s very expensive for me.

I am searching desperately for a DIY clone recipe since a while without luck. :frowning:


It contains a very tasty light cherry flavour, combined with toasted almonds and a nice sweetness on the lips. I bet that it also contains some vanilla / marzipan. It seems that a good cherry flavour is really hard to find.

Has anyone tasted this eJuice and can help me with a recipe? I am totaly new to DIY mixing and bought this flavours for my first try:

FA Almond (-> I will replace it with Capella Toasted Almond next time)
FA Cherryl (Black Cherry)
FA Cherry
FA Tahiti Vanilla
FA Marzipan
FA Vienna Cream

Sadly it’s far far away from the original and I am totally lost.


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This is going to be a tough one for several reasons. One, it is Element and so far I have had trouble replicating their Watermelon Chill. My good friend @Pentine has been working on their Pink Lemonade for ages. Two, from everything I understand from being here, cherry is an extremely difficult flavor to nail down.

Good luck in your efforts and maybe someone with experience with cherry will come along.


Drop the FA cherries. Try getting some FW Cherry crush, INW cherries, TFA Cherry blossom, and/ or TFA Cherry extract. Those four are the most usable to me and don’t taste of the dreaded ‘cough medicine’.

I also hear FW Wild Cherry is good, but have not personally tried it.

I have worked with cherries a bit in collaboration with @Mofogger, perhaps he can chime in on some that I may have missed.


FW Wild Cherry is good. Reminds me of a Cherry Sour candy minus the sour. Sweet, candy like rather than natural cherries.

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Thank you all for your support.
I’m not optimistic by now to get near the original but I will keep trying.

I think I will split it into separate tasks and combine them later.

  1. Find the a cherry flavour that is close to the original
  2. Find the (toasted) almonds flavor that is close to the original
  3. Round up with additional flavors and sweetner.

Unfortunately Flavor West isn’t available in germany. But I will try INW cherries and TFA Cherry blossom next.
Thanks again.


I’d start by sticking to all of the same brand of flavors. Try TPA first. TPA Toasted almond is pretty good. Add some TPA Cherry Blossom and maybe a drop of black cherry or whatever cherry was suggested above (NOT maraschino, I’ve heard horror stories about that one). Then use some sweetener or marshmallow or maybe even brown sugar. If that doesn’t get you there, you can try subbing in other companies. But, it makes sense financially for companies who sell juice to stick to only one or two brands of flavors to cut cost. That doesn’t mean that is what they all do, but it’s somewhere to start and an easy thing to try.


Maraschino Cherry… The horror stories are likely due to mixing at percentages like 5% and higher. It is very accurate to the juice in the jar of maraschino cherries, but man oh man, it is strong!!! It’s good actually, but extremely prominent. Stays in the cotton for a long time, too. Reminds me of the potency of menthol.


I’ll take your word for it. I doubt I’ll be adding that flavor to my stash any time soon. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not a big fan of fruit vapes anyway, so I hazard I’m not missing out on much. But good to know either way.

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First progress: Capella Toasted Almond is the way to go in this. It`s much better than TPA.

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That’s been on my list of things to get for ages, but it’s one of those things that always gets bumped off in lieu of something new and exciting. LoL. I have two toasted almond flavors already and when it comes time to buy flavors, I add it to my cart and then when I’m going through and figuring out what I can live without (since my cart is always like $200 and that’s waaaay outta budget :rofl:) it gets removed. :woman_shrugging: Someday, maybe.

Glad to hear you’re making progress! Maybe they’re using mostly Cap flavors instead of TPA. TPA is usually the first choice simply by virtue of their vast range and low prices.