[REQ] Tornado Pro Thunder Berry Blast

Hey there!

Am looking for a DIY recipe of Tornado Pro Thunder Berry Blast. Can anyone point me the right direction please?

:slight_smile: Bit about me…

I’ve been vaping for more than 2/mo (76 days today) – as I was a smoker for over 16 years, averaging 5 to 10 a day! Some may say it’s nothing, maybe it’s not much but for me that was enough and I always had a hard time in stopping smoking.

NOW – I took on the vaping and it’s one of the best thing i’ve done. I jumped in with both feet not really knowing what’s what with the mods, coils, tanks etc. However, after few nights on the net, I quickly realise that there is a vast community of people out there that are doing the same – “not blowing smoke”.

Anyways, am babling on…


looked at the description (Be the captain of your taste buds with this mixed berry giving you that taste of fresh berry blast.) and it doesnt really say much more than the name does… what does it taste like to you, are there any specific berry flavours that really standout?

Well, it tastes of Strawberry, Raspberry and something else. I cannot work out what tho - maybe Kiwi. Also no idea what the ratio the mix is.

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well its 90vg and 10 pg just trying to find some reviews of it to see if someone better identifies the something else that is in there… with everyone here mixing most people dont buy ejuice and havent in a long time so a good description will be needed to point you in the right direction :slight_smile:

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Yes, your right there! Thank you! :smile:

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I cant seem to find a review of this ejuice anywhere :frowning: hopefully someone around here has vaped it and can name the mystery flavor).

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I seem to remember that the tornado stuff was re-branded it’s a uk company I used to buy it when I bought juice. Can’t remember for the life of me if tornado was the original name or the re-branded name but the flavours were the same. Pretty sure you could find out with a little bit of help from google

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Oooh that’s interesting! Thank you

Thank you for looking, I am really keen to DIY this juice.

Can’t find any info on google at all now! I used to smoke the tornado stuff all the time because a guy at work used to sell it. Never tried the thunder berry blast one though. I know they had another brand called deadly sins I think it was.

To be fair you’ll find after a couple months diy those tornado juices actually taste like crap compared to the stuff some of the wonderfull guys on this site knock up!!


Hello Oscars,

@Hjwindsor is absolutely correct. In a few months the stuff you will make on your own will be better than anything you can buy off the shelf!

Is it missing Lemon perhaps?

Try really hard not to clone at first. Find some really popular recipes on here with lots of 5 star reviews and buy your flavors according to those recipes.

You are going to have to make adjustments to your tastes from going off the shelf and you need to kind of accept that or you will get frustrated. If you need something sweeter, better mouth feel, creamier or whatever - just ask us. If you need more flavor, up the percentage 1% at a time. If you need to knock down the throat hit… add 5% Distilled Water.


Maybe try this for some berry juice.
one shot available


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I’m not a ‘berry’ kinda guy my self, but I believe @Amy2 or @Pro_Vapes have some knockout berry blends. Check 'em out.


Absolutely @Maureeenie! I’ve been mixing (following the recipes on eLR) since I started vaping and you do notice the change in flavour after a few days/weeks.

Funny you say that it could have Lemon. I was just thinking the same, maybe just a touch. I think I will try mixing this in the next few weeks and see how I get on with it.

Thank you all!


Hi, we actually stock the tornado pro range. I could ask the manufacture if that would help ?

We have a very competitive price £6.21 per 30ml bottle

They have just brought out a new range as well, Tornado Gold 80vg/20pg but only in 3mg for now