[REQ] Transmission / The Mission Recipe

Could anyone help. I am after a recipe for transmission/the mission. Any one out there have this please?

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Can you please provide more information, a link to the e-liquid, a flavour description, anything you have tried?


By any chance are you referring to Transmission Eliquid the Merge?
That has a Flavour Profile:
Strawberry, watermelon and lemonade


Sorry. I was not very clear.
The merge. Transmission.
I am told it is Starwberry/water melon/lemonade.
Not sure how much of each mind.
I am very new to this.


Have popped this thread into the clones section instead of juice reviews - hope that’s okay with you?

Is your flavour list public so that others can see your concentrates - that way it will be easier for people to help :+1:

And no need to be sorry - we were all new at some point (I’m still new!) :smiley:


Thanks @Lolly I think everything was taken care of in PM :+1:


Oh! Thanks lolly! Your a star!
Am still trying to work this site out.
Sometimes I think they make things to difficult!
I hope someone can help me. And hope they don’t make that to difficult either!
Thanks again!
Marc. :grinning::dash:


Marky, have you come up with a recipe?

Having a little experience with making my own e-juices, I have an idea that I will try before sharing. Just wondering if my idea is anything comparable to any information you’ve learned since posting.
Thanks :grin:

Hello Craterz,

have you tried out your idea? :slight_smile: cheers

I second this. I tried a few variations but haven’t had much success.

I tried LA Lemonade with a bit of Cap’s Lemon Sicily, some strawberry ripe (TFA) and LA watermelon clear. Still didn’t get that mouth watering flavor that the original has.

Maybe this is better with some raspberry sweet, a bit of cucumber and watermelon candy (FW)? I dunno. Curious to see what others have tried :slight_smile: