[REQ] Trix Cereal Clone Desperate need of help

Hello fellow vapers,

For the longest time I have been trying to clone Trickz by Ace of Vapes(I think this is the name. Cant find it on the website anymore). This was one of the first juices I vapes and it is magical to say the least. Every thing I make seems to either turn out too harsh or just generally bad. I shall post my latest attempt (this was really harsh after a 2 week steep) and pray someone offers me some advice that will get me what I want.

Fruit Ring (FW) 1%
Cereal 27 (CAP) 2%
DX Milk (TFA) 2%
Meringue (TFA) 1%
Sweet Cream (TFA) 1%
Marshmallow (CAP) 1%
Berry Cereal (TFA) 2%

70/30 VG/PG
1mg nic

Now I havent put any of my flavors into my stash yet but I have many different concentrates from several vendors and Im willing to get whatever I need to make this happen. Please… help me. Thanks for reading this and for your assistance.

I haven’t tried the Trix you’re trying to clone but I would actually start with Silly Rabbit TPA flavoring.

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have you tried @Alisa loopy cereal v2 hands down the best fruity cereal vape PERIOD i quit trying to make my own after discovering hers , i do make a couple berry crunch cereals of my own but different tatse completely

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It’s almost certainly not what is in the original, but I would look at trying Tricks Cereal by Flavorah. I’m not much into cereal vapes, but that one is pretty good.

If you’re going for a “perfect clone”, start by picking a company (Usually TPA or Cap) and only use flavors that company makes. I’m convinced that is the key to cloning for 80% of the retail juice out there. Also, somewhere around 10-20% sweetener.


Mmmmmmm, not so sure.

Worked with silly rabbit all last month to no avail. It has Triacetin (I believe) in it and this causes it to be a bit harsh. Plus I think I just don’t like Triacetin.

Honestly @Henry4, I would ditch the fruit rings and get rid of a couple creams. You need to get the base flavor and sweetness down first.

I have been trying to make Tricks myself and raspberry seems to be buried in it somewhere. Everytime I use it however, it just does not fit the profile.

Trix in general is a very difficult flavor to define, I’m assuming the Trickz you are trying to clone tastes like the cereal?

Yeah Ace of Vapes really has (or had) it on lock down. You got the fruit, the milk and of course the cereal. This juice has been the bane of my existence over the last 2 years. But, Im getting closer with every mix.

I feel ya, lemme take a look at my recipe to see where I left off last…


If that link doesn’t work, lemme know. It is not public (it is not finished!)

Let me know what you think, I am 100% with you on finding this, just have not had a revelations as of late.

Yeah the link did not work. But on a positive note, I just finished placing my concentrates in my stash and I made it public so have a look.

Fixed it, added notes.

I just tried a 2 to 3 flavor fruity pebble mix. Fruity Flakes FW and Lucky Leprechaun TPA. Then the same with FW Milk. See if those are good.

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Your Game Over clone reminds me a lot of Silly Rabbit.

Thanks. Take out the vanilla stuff and that is what I did above.

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and FW as well , but yep you said it and i agree 100

Took a look at your recipe. Ive tried Silly Rabbit before, granted I made it at 10% but it just about made me choke from the harshness. Im going to give another mixing attempt this weekend and see what I come up with. I just got done making 1000 ml of juice consisting of: Banana Cheesecake, Chocolate Cheesecake, Twinkie (I call this Liquid Gold), Banana Shake, Vanilla Funnel Cake and , PB&J. Didnt want to get into the cereal thing after an hour of mixing so on my next sit down Ill get a crackin.

I scoured the internet for answers on how to use TPA Silly Rabbit and didn’t find much. If you take a look and find something I missed, let me know.

Perhaps the flavor is harsh until it steeps or just needs a lower level. I do wish to use it as it is a sweet, bright note.

So I did a two flavor recipe and it came out glorious. Fruity Flakes FW and Lucky Leprechaun TPA and it was wonderful. Taste just like the cereal. Put some Milk FW in it and you have the cereal with milk. So good. It will be an ADV for me for sure. I absolutely love it.

Damn! I know Fruity Flakes is close as hell but I have been avoiding it as it has sugar in it :frowning: :frowning:

Apparently Lucky Lep has baddies in it too, I wish I could vape that stuff but I am very cautious/ paranoid (pick one).

I am currently waiting for FW to reformulate their recipes but every time I email them, they tell me they have pushed it back two months.

Am I the only one slightly sketched out about them?..

I actually do not mind them. I think they have good flavors. Remember taste is subjective.

Oh, I LOVE many of their flavors, it is the way they hide many components in their SDS sheets that bothers me.

Hmmmmm. I did not know that.