[REQ] Tropical tundra clone recipe. can anyone help me?

Hi… I really like this TROPICAL TUNDRA flavour. Does anyone have the recipe? thanxs!

Before you get discouraged by the lack of help id just like to say that there arent a lot of cloners here. Most of us mix our liquids from scratch. Trying to clone a recipe is nearly impossible as there are far too many variables to consider. Flavor %'s, flavorings companies, PG/VG ratio’s, etc. I googled Tropical Tundra Ejuice and couldnt match the name the closest i came was Tropic Tundra.

Ive been mixing ejuice for a couple years and have never cloned a recipe, i tried once and failed miserably. Someone may be able to come close to cloning a recipe but without all the variables it will never be a perfect match. Most of the big vendors guard their recipes and release very little info on them.


I’ll also jump in here too as a manufacturer, cloning is as much of an art as the original recipe creation. It takes a lot of experience with the flavor profiles, trial and error, knowledge of the original product, and a keen sense of smell.

We’ve cloned recipes (a couple) in house for the knowledge and acknowledgment of accomplishment, and it is exciting to do so, however the knowledge and experience you can gain is priceless. That is what you should take from it and improve upon for your tastes. Learn all you can, make something that fits your taste and be happy.

Good luck!


I’m not a cloner either, but with a name like Tropical Tundra, I’m guessing some tropical style fruits like coconut, pineapple, mango, etc. or a tropical punch like Hawaiian Drink (TPA) plus some Koolada and/or menthol.

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tropical coktail tundra by vaporboy i think, liquid from malaysia, mango.pineapple i think


Might check here http://www.lediypourlesnuls.com/recettes/les-clones/
Maybe can find something close

You’re right!