[REQ] Uncle Mike's Elixir Orgasm

My wife and I love this stuff. So far I have not been able to run across a recipe. Any help would be appreciated. I believe it contains a bubble gum.


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It would help us to know what the flavor profile is.

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Yes it would thats the problem.

extremely complex fruit blend with juicy berry notes
Thats off the website

Ty this mix out:
Uncle Mike Orgasmed
Grape Juice (TFA) 6%
Cotton Candy (10%EM) (TFA) 2%
Tropical Punch (SC) (Real Flavors) 3%

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Are there any particular flavors that stand out in it? Is it just berries or do you taste any other fruits?

Okay will try that TY. Maybe the cotton candy mixed is the gum flavor Iā€™m picking up.

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No particular fruit flavors stand out to me.

There is no Gum backnote to this Eliquid. The Topnote is grape, but the body of the Eliquid is similar to a berry fruit punch. Tropical Punch (SC) (Real Flavors) has a perfect resemblance to that flavor profile.