[REQ] Unicorn Blood

I got some Unicorn Blood from my last US trip and I’m thinking of trying my hand on a clone. So far I only found one recipe here:
Watermelon 6%
Strawberry 4%
Raspberry (Sweet) 4%
Sweetener ~2% (to taste)

I hope I can recreate this using Inawera flavours or other european brands. Their Melon might give the whole thing a new touch in a good way, however the (wild) strawberry flavour from INW I got is quite nasty.

Still researching, but if you got an idea I’m all ears.

I read somewhere that Wild Strawberry from Inawera is good to mix with other strawberries! :smile:

I think you’re supposed to use it to make a candy flavour more natural.

I have a similar problem with 2 Apples. First few puffs are fine but after a short while the “natural agent” just takes over and I’m vaping some bitter rotten apple. I heard the combination is a fine line between candy/perfum-like (too many primary flavours) and rotten fruit (too many secondary/supporting flavours).

They’re different categories of flavoring Inawera makes some are of the super duper concentrate variety and wild strawberry is one of them. I have yet to be able to use it successfully ugh ! Even with their strawberry shisha which is their best strawberry IMO. If Ya get a ratio down that’s good would you please share it I’m over trying and messing up good mixes with using it. Lol.

This sounds really good!! What sweetner would be used? Newbie here:)

Usually sweetener is sucralose - like Sweetener from TPA. You can also get stevia-based sweeteners for e-liquid use.

Some use Ethyl Maltol (EM) as a sweetener, even though it isn’t. EM does tend to enhance the inherent sweetness of juices. EM tends to mute other flavors over time though.

Im thinking id much rather use stevia. Any reccomendations?

I don’t personally feel the need for sweeteners in my recipes - I do use EM in some (but it can usually be left out)… Maybe someone else has some stevia-recommendations?

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Wild strawberry from INA should be used as a berry enhancer in the mixes. It removes candyness, makes flavours more realistic and bold. You need 1-3 drops per 10ml.

All INA flavours are ultra concentrated, you rarely use more than 2% in standalone mixes and should use even less in complex mixes.

Okay I get it, some INA flavours just add that little pinch of extra goodness, their vanilla bourbon is just like that. I rarely need more that 15 drops for my juices.

What berry flavor goes well with Wild Strawberry? They do have normal strawberry, but reviews are quite mixed on that one.

YUMMY!!! Vanilla burbon :yum:Seriously sounds delicious as hell

I’ve found Bilberry and Raspberry work well with strawberry flavouring along with a good helping of Bavarian Cream.

Almost tastes like a berry flavoured milkshake.


I’ve also been trying to clone this juice, or at least get something close.

By smell alone I get FW strawberry and FW blood orange (either natural or the regular one, cant tell yet).

But thats as far as I get by smell alone, tastewise I think theres some juicy peach in there too. Possibly some grape as well. I have done several attempts and its like I’m on the right path, but just opened the door right next to it. I get the fruit salad mix sorted, but theres possibly some smoother there too, maybe a slight cream of some sorts. I might be overthinking it tho, possibly just a very sweet 4 aroma mix :slight_smile:

The Prime version used to be my adv, but its so expencive where I come from, so the natural route would be to attempt something simmilar.