[REQ] V Energy drink

I’m not sure if this drink is available world wide but I can’t find a recipe for a vape like it anywhere. I love this drink and to me it would be an all day every day vape. To me it doesn’t taste anything like other energy drinks so I hope someone can help :slight_smile:images%20(1)


I was going to suggest a couple energy drink flavors that could be used as base etc. Till I read that. Now I’m wondering how much its different or why lol. I can’t get it here in the US or I’d have picked it up to try. Since its an Australia, new Zealand brand (trusting Google lol) maybe the other kiwis can help :wink:
@woftam, @Benoz

Maybe even vta has a base that might work. Anyways good luck hope you can figure it out :wink:


I have not come across any V flavouring nor have I tried to make it. Vapetrain have a finished V juice (green goblin v) but not a concentrate as far as I can tell.


if its in a recipe pack it should have what concentrates they will supply with it @eStorm you could email theo and see what he recommends if the juice that @woftam is talking about is premixed i am sure he would give you the recipe.
personally i would love a blue V vape :grinning:


It’s more fruity. At least I think it is :stuck_out_tongue: it’s hard to explain because I actually have no idea how they make it taste like it does

I had a look and they do. Was tempted to buy one to see what its like but the price of it reminds me why I went to diy

Blue would be nice but I just love the original :stuck_out_tongue:


keep an eye out on here to i am 95% sure this is theo’s juice line and there cheap as but if you request the recipe in a email he will probably give you it

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Hmm dunno about that

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i just sent him a email its worth a try at least


I am because to me it would be perfect. I looked on Vapetrain but the price reminds me why I went to diy. If I knew who Theo was I’d ask him too because why not. I wouldn’t sell it or tell anyone I’d just be happy

I’m not either if its his business. But I’m with Benoz. Why not try :stuck_out_tongue:

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Theo Kalaitzis owns vape train

@Mister_Shifty sorry i just realised i didnt put the link in that other post

here it is

Have a look at this

Vape Train Mother Energy DIY Flavour Concentrate for e-Juice Making

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Mother is a different energy drink to V



@Mister_Shifty @eStorm @woftam
So i got a response from vape train.

“Hi Ben, it’s a reserved flavour for our ejuice line, not something we plan to release at this stage.”

So there could be a v energy concentrate coming out in the future :thinking:

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I love the optimism.

Theo, “There is a one in a million chance it will happen”
Ben, “So you are saying there is a chance”


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Maybe he can include the actual physical drink so I can try it. Maybe we should make a Vapeable Vegemite while we at it :wink:

Maybe I need to plan a trip to Australia and see what else I can find, that might be a good addition for companies to look into lmao.

Anyways, thanks for trying I’m sure the op apprentices it.

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Optimistic :crazy_face: more like nieve :crazy_face:

Well I do thank you for trying :smiley: do you still think that bigvapes site could have it one day though? Prices on there are a lot better and I would even try it for that :stuck_out_tongue:

If theres no hope then there’s nothing to look forward to :stuck_out_tongue:

I love vegemite but even I don’t think I’d like that :stuck_out_tongue:


Assuming that Vapetrain would use their own flavours to create their juice line (which is a fairly safe bet I would think)

V is a unique flavour it is close to a mother energy drink in flavour but to me has a hint of citrus. I would maybe look at the mother energy flavour previously mentioned and add maybe a lemon or lime add in some vt fizzy sherbet, maybe some sour and citric acid.

maby this to only thing i could find on guarana