[REQ] Vape goons Goon Drip

I have been having trouble cloning vape goons grahams aka goon drip anyone have any suggestions? Ty!

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What have you tried so far? Have you searched for Golden Grahams recipes? There are a few on the recipe side.

I notice you only have Cinnamon Crunch in your flavor stash. Do you have more flavors that you haven’t entered?


This might help, too. Good luck!


Yep, it may be a bit difficult to clone something with only 1 flavor showing.


I have a few more than 1 just gotta enter it in, that would be difficult lol thank you I am starting to realize that it’s not the easiest one to clone. I honestly think its going to be close to Golden grahams, well that’s probably as close as ill get!