[REQ] VAPE HEADZ Sour Green Apple

Looking to clone Vape Headz Sour Green Apple
Any help would be greatly apprecited :wink:

Check the Recipe Section of This:

And then click on the ratings button. The best recipes with Green Apple will come to the top.


Did a search

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I’ll try it for sure… Just want to clone the Vape Headz version so I don’t go broke… loll

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I figured it might be a good starter

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Here’s something similar I started playing around with:

Bad Apple

Ingredient %
Grape Candy (TPA) 2
Green Apple (CAP) 4.5
Sour (TPA) 0.5

Flavor total: 7%
<The grape candy makes a great sweetener for the Green Apple. They both just sort of melt together. Plus, your juice takes on a purple luminescence in the sunlight.
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I tried this last night. I think it might need more flavor so I will stay playing with it and let you know how it turns out.

Yeah, I mostly test my mixes in the RDA, then eventually migrate to an RTA to try and play with overall flavor percentage. I made this once on a whim, but I’m pretty occupied with these other five recipes I’m working on. Definitely let me know where you end up, I’d like to try it some other time, too.

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For any vape headz recipe I use for base:
3% fw hard candy
3% fa marshmallow
2% FW salt water taffy
2% sour (if sour)

Just add and mix ur additional fruit flavor(s) and sweetener to taste and steep minimum 24 to 48 hrs!

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Thanks for the input everyone. I will report back when I nail it…

Anyone notice a difference in brand of VG/PG making a difference in end result?

What’s the best for vaping hands down?

PG is pretty standard, for VG the best is almost always any Organic USP Food Grade Non-GMO , imho

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