[REQ] Vape Moar - Summer Sweetie - Reverse engineer this for me plz!

This my favorite ejuice at the moment.
I buy this 132ml every other week.
Probably a simple flavor to make just a good watermelon.
Prolly would be cheaper to buy some VG PG NIC and some flavor and mix it myself.
But I need the recipe, or a recipe for a similar really really good watermelon.
Ty for and help, suggestions.

have you tried “SPEW” of the gwar range from mt baker.
are they similar?

Looking it up now, never heard of it

I did this for a friend of mine he loves it.


TFA Watermelon 5.5
CAP Sweeet Watermelon 7.5
FA Watermelon 5.5
CAP Honeydew 1
FLA Wild Melons .5
Cap Double Watermelon .5
TPA Sour .25
FW Menthol 0.5

All numbers are percentages.
The menthol can be left out, I make it for myself without the menthol. It’s a good watermelon/melon flavor with a slight hint of candy like flavor to it.

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Good looking recipe. That’s a lot of flavors to purchase though. May be cheaper to buy from vape moar

The initial investment will be a hit but your per ml cost will be far less than what you are paying for the Vape Moar. It should be somewhere around $1.25-$1.50 for 30ml.

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From our newest specialty line “GWAR Fluids”: Spew. A primarily melon flavor with hints of mixed fruits and berries. From the wretched bowels of Scumdogs to your lips. A true Gwar classic.